How To Buy Craps Tables: Buy a Gaming Table

Learn How To Buy a Casino Table and Have Some Fun with Gaming

Craps table

If you are a serious craps player, then having your own table for practicing dice control and betting strategies in a casino-like setting is a must. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when searching for the right table, before you put out the cash on the purchase.

  1. Determine how much space you can afford to give up for your craps table. The regulation craps tables that you see in casinos are 12 feet long by five feet wide, which means you'll want to have at least a 20-foot area available to allow the croupier(s) and players enough room to be able to move around without jostling each other. If you don't have that much free space, then you'll obviously have to settle for a smaller table or even consider purchasing a one-man craps table (which essentially consists of just one end of a regulation table). It's also important to take accurate measurements instead of relying on estimates to ensure that you end up with a table you can use.
  2. After you figure out how much space you have for a craps table, you should turn your attention to the various styles that are available. Craps gaming tables generally come in three styles: stationary, folding, and table top. You're probably most familiar with stationary craps tables, as that's what every casino in the country uses. These are big, heavy, authentic tables that will give you the most realistic environment in which to practice. Folding craps tables are somewhat similar to ping pong tables in that they stand on aluminum legs and can be folded in half for storage when not in use. Craps gaming table tops consist of just the playing surface, rails, and chip holders. These are designed to convert billiard or regular tables into a craps gaming area.
  3. The next step is to decide on a budget for your table. The quality and design range from the very simple to the very elaborate, with prices that vary accordingly. For example, you can get a folding craps table for a few hundred dollars, a solid mahogany stationary casino table for a few thousand dollars, and just about anything else in between these two extremes.
  4. Now it's time to purchase a table that fulfills your size, style, and budgetary requirements. You can find equipment at gambling supply companies, at retail stores that specialize in gaming furniture, and even online. To find a store near you, check the Yellow Pages or log on to the Internet and enter an appropriate query in your favorite search engine. Be sure to make arrangements for delivery and setup so that you can start enjoying your game at home as soon as possible.


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