Learn To Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

Pop-Lock: Back Glide (Moonwalking)

Since Michael Jackson introduced this dance move to the world in 1983, it's become a trademark move of dancers everywhere, and a staple move in the repertoire of pop-lockers.  Incorporating the moonwalk into your routine is an easy way to make a strong impression on the dance floor!

  1. Start with your feet side-by-side, six inches apart, your toes facing directly forward.
  2. Without changing the position of your hips, bend your right leg at the knee as you lift your right heel off the ground, stopping with your toe pushing into the ground.
  3. Raise your left foot off the ground, almost imperceptibly, to reduce the friction as you begin to slide this foot.  It is critical that your foot still looks like it is firmly touching the ground, as this enhances the illusion of gliding.
  4. Push off with your right foot, gliding your slightly-raised left foot backwards, keeping your left heel close to the ground.  During this push-off, your shoulders should be lined up over your right foot.
  5. As you push off, allow your right foot to rock from your toes to the ball of your foot and finally the heel.  Your left foot should now be 12 inches behind you.
  6. As your right heel touches the ground, bend your left knee and lift your left heel, raising the foot until you are balancing on your toe. 
  7. Raise your right foot imperceptibly off the ground.
  8. With your right foot in front of you, push off of your left toe, gliding your right leg backwards until it is behind you.  By the end of this move, your left foot will have rocked from its toe back to a flat position and your right heel will be lifted off the ground.  Now you're ready to repeat steps two through eight.
  9. Alternate pushing off from each leg continuously.  You should be moving 12 inches per push-off.
  10. Practice the basic movements until they are smooth and continuous.



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