How To Change a Picture Into a Puzzle

Picture puzzle

Making puzzles is a great and fun activity for kids to do. Especially when that puzzle is of a picture they personally feel connected to. If you would like to make your very own puzzle to solve, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.

  1. Begin by taking a photo, or finding a photo on the internet that you would like to turn into a puzzle. Blow the photo up to be a decent portrait size, and print it out on your printer. The better the quality of the photo and the printing, the better your finished puzzle product will end up looking!
  2. Buy a big piece of cardboard or bristolboard, and cut it into an identical sized rectangle to match your picture. Using a glue stick, spread glue over the entire surface of both the back of your picture and your entire cardboard. It is very, very important that you cover both surfaces entirely, as you will be cutting the puzzle into small pieces, and any surface left unglued will cause your puzzle to fall apart.
  3. Trace your puzzle shapes on the back of the cardboard or bristolboard in pencil, so as not to draw on the actual picture side. You can draw any shapes you want, jigsaw puzzle shapes, or shapes like stars and squares. It is important to draw all of your shapes are touching, and so that they run to the edge of the picture, unless you would like to have a frame and fill in the spaces. The most important part is that you can be as creative and as crazy as you like!
  4. You can easily adjust the difficulty of your puzzle in a few different ways. By making shapes smaller or bigger you will determine your puzzle's level of difficulty. Many small pieces will be difficult to solve, while several big ones should be relatively easy.
  5. When all your outlines have been created, take a pair of scissors and cut all the pieces out. Or, use an exactoknife to cut. Kids be careful, as exactoknives should only be used by your parents, and are extremely sharp and dangerous if you don't know what you are doing!
  6. Finally, scatter your pieces around, and challenge a friend to see if they can discover what your puzzle is!


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