How To Breakdance: Turtle

Turtling is a breakdancing power move which combines strength and agility to spin from the turtle position into a circle using only your hands to hold you up.  It takes time to build-up the arm strength to be able to perform this move, which makes it a heavy time-investment.  Remember, breakdancing moves are difficult and occasionally dangerous.  Always wear protective gear as necessary, and stretch before and after practicing.

Carelessness may result in injury.  Breakdance at your own risk!

  1. Build up your arm strength.  A general workout plan focusing on triceps, forearms, and pectorals will be the most efficient.
  2. Build up your abdomen strength.  You'll be using your stomach as a point of balance, so it needs to be firm enough to support your weight.  Starting a crunch/leg lift routine will help dramatically.
  3. Sit on your knees and plant your elbows firmly into your stomach, with your wrists facing inward.
  4. While still on your knees, spread your legs and lean forward onto your hands, making sure not to remove your elbow from your stomach.
  5. Tighten your abs and continue leaning forward, so that your forehead is six inches from the ground.
  6. Raise your knees and legs off of the ground, so you are only suspended by your arms.  This is called the turtle position.
  7. Now you're going to begin rotating.  Lean all your weight onto your left hand, and quickly move your right hand upwards.
  8. Lean all your weight into your right hand, then move your left hand slightly downward.
  9. By continuing to alternate your weight between your left and right hand, you begin to slowly spin counterclockwise.
  10. As you progress, move your hands faster and farther distances, and you'll spin very quickly.  Good turtlers can spin 360 degrees in under a second! 


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