How To Play Baby Shower Games

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Baby showers enhance the excitement and anticipation of the mother-to-be, and also foster a warm sense of community. They require planning, but the good news is that baby showers are great fun to plan! A gathering of close friends and family is the perfect time to bring out the games, both traditional and new, and give out some prizes. Keep your guests entertained and provide plenty of photo opportunities with these ideas!

  1. Variations on children's games can be fun and certainly are appropriate for a baby shower. Try a new twist on such favorites as hot potato, duck duck goose, or musical chairs, using baby-related items as props. Rename the games so they fit with the baby theme.
  2. Try baby bottle bowling! Fill baby bottles with water and use a child's ball to bowl (you can color the water with food coloring if you like, but make sure the lids are secure to prevent spills and stains).
  3. Baby-themed bingo is quite traditional and popular. Make your own bingo cards using heavy cardboard. Instead of numbers, use pictures of baby items like hats, booties, toys, bottles, and diaper pins.
  4. Races and relays are great fun for an outdoor shower. Set up an obstacle course, or egg and spoon races.
  5. Set up tables with baby-sized dolls, and see who can get their doll dressed first. Make sure to put out all kinds of clothing for each doll - cloth diapers and pins, socks, undershirts, booties, long underwear, shirts, sweaters, tights, pants, bibs, and outerwear. To make this even trickier, ask participants to wear mittens while trying to complete the task.
  6. "Guess the Baby Food" is another classic baby shower game. Purchase jars of baby food, ideally a few simple ones like carrots and peas and some that are not so familiar like beef noodle or anything that looks odd. Blindfold your guests one at a time and have them try the baby foods. The person who guesses the most flavors correctly wins.
  7. Trivia games work well with large groups of people. Create a bunch of trivia questions around a theme, such as pregnancy, the expectant mother and her family, or even television or movie kids. Divide your guests into teams, and take turns asking and attempting to answer the trivia questions.
  8. Activities that involve arts and crafts are a great way for the mother-to-be to leave with unique keepsake items for her baby. Use fabric paints and have everyone make a custom t-shirt or bib for the baby. You can also get each person to create a page for a scrapbook and put them all together as part of the shower gift.
  9. Baby bottle drinking races can be really funny. Fill baby bottles with something fizzy like soda or sparkling water, and see who can drink their bottle fastest. It's not as easy as it looks!

With a little imagination you can develop the perfect set of activities for the party. Take any party game and give it a baby shower spin to come up with unique ideas that will be both challenging and fun for your guests.  Remember to consider the likely number of guests, as this could determine the feasibility of certain games. And remember to pick up enough small prizes to give out to the winners!


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