How To Breakdance: Six-Step

The Six-Step is the most fundamental move of a breakdancer's repertoire, and is the basic unit of movement all other moves are based on.  Very easy to perform, it is important to first master this move before moving on to others.  The following directions are for performing the Six-Step counterclockwise.

  1. Sit down on the floor, with your stomach facing the ceiling, your shoulders directly behind you, and your feet twelve inches in front of your glutes.  Push your weight into your hands and feet as you raise your pelvis off the ground until your shins are perpendicular to the floor.  This is called crab position.  Be sure to keep your body as parallel to the floor as possible.
  2. Extend your right foot out directly in front of you, along the ground.  Rotate the foot ninety degrees clockwise, so that only the outer arch of your foot is touching the ground.  Sweep your foot inward, ending with your ankles crossed ninety degrees.
  3. Without moving your right foot, tilt your left shoulder across your torso, raise your left hand to shoulder height, and step your left foot two feet to the left and behind its original position, tilting your left knee inward.  All your weight should now be placed on your right arm.
  4. Place your left hand at shoulder length to your other, as you sweep your right leg under your body and behind you, ending with your body in the push-up position, your legs spread two-times shoulder length.
  5. Raising your right arm and turning your body to your right, sweep your left leg to where your right hand originally was, keeping your right foot planted.
  6. Step your right foot into the crook of your knee, continuing to rotate your torso clockwise.
  7. Sweep your left leg outward and place your left hand behind you, so that you have returned to crab position. 
  8. Continue repeating steps 2-7 so that you are making continuous counterclockwise circles.


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