How To Find Educational Games for Your Preschooler

Preschoolers are all about fun. At the age of 3 and 4, children want to play. But they also want to learn anything and everything and are open to learning through many methods. If you can combine the fun and the learning by playing educational games, your efforts will be well rewarded. You can find educational games in many places.

  1. Look around your home. There are probably many educational games already available. If you've got any alphabet puzzles, games like Chutes and Ladders or Memory, or even a deck of cards, you've already got some educational games.

One educational game you can play with a regular deck of cards is war. It teaches children number recognition and which numbers are higher than other numbers. At first you will probably have to tell a preschooler what the card is and if it's high or low. After a while, a child will begin recognizing the numbers independently.

Another way of playing educational games with things already in your home is to turn some chores into games. A child can learn color recognition by pairing socks while you are folding the laundry. Teaching the concept of biggest to smallest can be done by having a child put books on a shelf according to size. You can find many more educational game opportunities in your home if you use a little creativity.

  • Teacher's stores are a magnificent place to find educational games. They have a variety of alphabet, number, early reading, and science games that are all age-appropriate for preschoolers.

    A teacher's store will also have games that will help children with physical education, too. Games that teach gross motor skills are very important to children of this age. They help the brain develop and that, in turn, affects a child's ability to learn other things like reading and math.

  • Toy stores will have educational games for preschoolers, also. Large toy stores like Toys R Us have entire sections dedicated to educational games.

    In addition to traditional games such as board games and puzzles, you can find electronic educational games like the Leap Frog or Vtech products.

    Building blocks, Legos, train building systems like Brio or Thomas the Tank Engine, and Kid K'nex are all games that can be found in a toy store that will help children develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. They will also help develop gross motor skills.

  • There are many educational games to be found on the Internet. You can purchase all of the educational games that you would find at a toy store at an online toy store, often at discounted prices.

    Additionally, there are many websites that offer online educational games. has a great section specifically for preschoolers. The websites for PBSKids and Nick Jr. also have games that your preschooler will love. In addition to teaching colors, numbers, letters, and shapes, these online games will teach children beginning computer skills.


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