How To Upgrade Your Digital Camera Memory

One of the nicest features of a digital camera is the ability to upgrade the memory; a very easy process, upgrading the memory enables the user to take more pictures with the camera before transferring the photos to another medium, such as a computer or CD. Each camera comes with a removable memory card (also known as a memory stick) which contains all of the necessary memory for your camera and digital pictures.

You first have to identify the compatible memory for your camera. Some of the most popular types of memory card are xD, SD, CompactFlash and Sony's brand-specific Memory Stick Pro and Duo Pro.

  1. Refer to the owner's manual that came with the camera.
  2. Inspect the camera itself. Most companies like to stamp the compatible memory type on the camera in order to avoid potential confusion.
  3. Open the memory card slot and remove the old card to figure out the brand.
  4. Look up your camera on a big box retailer website, such as or Within the features section of your camera, you will discover what type of memory is required.

Once you have identified the necessary type of memory, you can purchase your upgraded memory.

  1. Visit a big box electronics retailer online and search for the memory.
  2. Go to your local electronics superstore and visit the camera section.
  3. Most other large stores, such as Target and Walmart, also carry digital camera memory sticks.
  4. You may find your best deals at Many people will sell their digital camera memory cards after upgrading.

After purchasing the new media, it's time to put the memory card into the camera.

  1. Refer to your owner's manual for the location on the camera to insert the new card. It is usually hidden under the same panel that holds the batteries.
  2. Make sure your camera is turned off before proceeding.
  3. Open that panel and remove the old memory card. Note that all pictures will stay on your memory cards, not the camera. Therefore, if your old memory card carries pictures that haven't already been moved to your computer, you will need to reinsert that card in order to access them.
  4. Remove the old memory card. It can usually be removed by applying pressure toward the camera, which will then "un-click" the memory card and allow it to pop out. Only handle the outer plastic portion of the memory card.
  5. Insert your new memory card into the same slot and in the same manner as the old card.
  6. Turn on your camera.

You have now upgraded your digital camera's memory!


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