How To Find Birthday Party Games

Tots celebrating their birthday party

If you are planning a birthday bash, you are probably looking for the perfect birthday party games. Whether you are planning an event for preschoolers or teens, we can help you find the party games that are sure to please your guests.

  1. Know your guests. It is important to consider your party guests when you are picking birthday party games. Will you have a wide range of ages, for example at a large family party, or a group of five- and six-year-olds from your son's kindergarten class? Keep in mind that younger children cannot read instructions and usually have shorter attention spans, while older groups can play games with more elaborate rules.
  2. Follow your theme. If your party has a theme, your games should fit in with it. That will not limit your game options very much; you just need to be creative on fitting in your games. For example, if you are having an outer space party, you can play the classic game of trying to carry an egg on a spoon, but shake it up and have the game on the moon's surface by placing sheets over pillows of varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

  3. If you do an Internet search on "birthday party games," you will get millions of results. While the abundance is exciting, it is hard to wade through the offerings to find what you really need. Consider adding the age range of party guests (preschoolers, toddlers, pre-teens, teens, adults) to your search; in addition, you can look for games that are already customized to fit your themes. A search for "preschool pirate birthday party games" will yield much more specific and helpful results.
  4. Go to a reputable party web site. There are several web sites that really specialize in great birthday party ideas, including games. Search by theme first, but feel free to browse and customize some of their ideas to match your own party motif. One of the best sites to try for birthday party game ideas is Family Fun. Family Fun specializes in family-oriented activities, crafts, games and party ideas.  Their high quality site allows you to search by narrow age range, interests and occasion; instructions are detailed and often illustrated and most of their ideas are sure-fire winners.
  5. Some other sites to try include Birthday Party Ideas and Birthday in a Box. While Birthday Party Ideas is often hard to read since the text is so dense and often unedited, it is chock full of fabulous games that have been tried by real people. Birthday in a Box offers party supplies for sale including packaged game kits.

Whatever games you choose for your birthday party, remember that kids do not care if they are elaborate or expensive. They simply need to be entertaining, so with a little creativity you can turn some classics into fun themed birthday party activities. If you are short on time, you can find packaged children's games ready for any type of birthday party.


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