How To Make Beaded Jewelry

Making beaded jewelry can be a fun and useful hobby. Beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings make great gifts. Once you have purchased the tools, this is also an inexpensive hobby--all you need is wire or thread and a few beads to start creating! Here are the instructions to make a simple beaded necklace:

  1. The easiest project to start on will be a beaded necklace. You will need: beads, beading thread (or perhaps wire), two crimps, and a clasp. These are all available at bead stores or craft stores.
  2. Cut the thread longer than you will actually want the necklace to be, so as to have enough thread to attach the clasp.
  3. String the beads in the desired pattern onto the middle of the thread. For this necklace, have the beads form a pattern for the full length of the necklace. Put a piece of tape at each end of the row of beads.
  4. Note: You might use spacer beads in your pattern to create gaps.
  5. For each end:  Slide a crimp onto the thread. Add one half of the clasp. String the thread back through the crimp and, using the needlenose pliers, crimp tightly.
  6. Remove the tape.

 Here are the instructions to make basic bead earrings.

  1. To make Simple Beaded Drop Earrings, you will need: 2 headpins (These look like a straight pin but without the sharp point. They are sometimes called eyepins), 4 spacers, 4 beads, and 2 fishhook ear wires.
  2. Start by making the drop part of the earrings:  Put the beads on in a pattern - spacer, bead, spacer, bead.
  3. Make a loop right above the top bead: Using needlenose pliers, bend the pin at a 90 degree angle. Then, using round nose pliers, form a loop. Wrap the  wire on the other side of the loop back around the wire (in between the loop and the bead). Cut with wire cutters.
  4. Take the fish hook ear wire and open the loop. Attach your drop. Close the loop.
  5. Repeat for other earring.

Many different patterns can be made for different necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. For example, you might make a drop and string it into a necklace, adding a few beads to either side and holding it all into place with crimps. Then use more crimps to attach the clasp.


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