How To Buy Police Equipment

Looking for badges, uniforms, firearms, holsters and other police accessories?  Maybe you're in the market for a reliable handgun, or perhaps your hobby is to collect vintage police equipment and memorabilia like old police sticks, pea whistles and ceremonial garb.  Who knows, you could even be a police chief looking for the best deals for top-notch police equipment to buy in bulk for your department. Only you know why you're seeking to buy police equipment, but we know how you can find and buy it.

If you're a civilian who's not affiliated with a police department, but you'd like to buy police equipment, the following steps will help.

  1. Do a simple Google search online for "buy police equipment."  You'll find countless sites where you can browse through their police equipment or search for a specific item and purchase it.  The selection and variety of police equipment available online makes this possibly the most convenient option.  A couple of prominent sites are Surplus and Adventure and Cops Plus.

  • Check out the Army Navy Shop online or visit one of their surplus stores.  Online you'll find all sorts of police equipment - mainly body armor and riot gear, but also a limited selection of police clothing accessories.
  • You can find police equipment for sale or up for auction on eBay.  Before purchasing any police equipment on eBay, consult eBay's Police Equipment Buyer Guide.
  • Gun and ammunition stores will often carry the same firearms and defense weapons that police use, and you'll often find that even the ones who don't carry it can tell you where to find it.  Also, if antique collectible police equipment is more your fancy, the people who operate these stores can likely point you in a promising direction.
  • Pay a visit to a gun show.  Many people collect police equipment new and old, and this is a good place to meet them and learn about where they've found success.
  • You can make use of Craigslist's "Wanted" feature.  As a last resort, if you really can't find the police equipment you want, you can post a "Wanted" posting on this website describing the police equipment you're looking for.  With any luck, you'll get responses from people who have the police equipment and are ready to offer a price.  Tons of people use Craigslist every day, so you've got nothing to lose.
  • If you're an officer in the police force, you've probably learned a lot about police equipment through training and from just talking to other members of the force, but here are some additional resources for you to learn about and buy police equipment.

    1. Doing a Google search for "police equipment" will be worthwhile as well. is an excellent source for police equipment and news, and you can buy police equipment in bulk for your department at Security & Safety Supply, to name a few good websites.
    2. To talk with and learn from other law enforcement officers, pay a visit to's Police Equipment & Tactical forums.  You can also buy police equipment from other officers and learn about police equipment by visiting the forums at and becoming a member.


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