How To Choose a Photography Studio

Many people, when choosing a photography studio, assume that all of them are basically the same and opt for the closest, most convenient one.  Others don't feel knowledgeable enough about potential differences to be selective.  But photography studios do range from poor to excellent in terms of photographic quality and customer service.  Consider the following tips as you choose a photography studio.

  1. Check out their past work.  Photography studios should not expect you to make your decision before you have had a chance to look at some past material they have produced.  The studio may have photographs hanging on display in their business, or have examples of their work accessible upon request.  Regardless, you should be able to look at more than just one or two example photographs before choosing a photography studio.  Are the photographs consistent in their quality?  Do you see evidence of their ability to capture an ephemeral moment, or are their photos simply generic?  Are they focused and professional?  You ought to be impressed by this past work, since it is presumably the cream of the photography studio's crop.
  2. Inquire about their proofing rules.  Before choosing a photography studio, find out how flexible they will be when it comes time for you to select the photographs you'd like to buy.  Say, for example, that you turn out to be disappointed by a couple of the photographs that are taken of you.  Are you allowed to preview the proofs in order to choose which photographs you would like to keep?  Can you decide which photos make it into your package, and discard a number of photographs without being charged for them if you're dissatisfied?  If you are able to preview and select photographs before paying for them, your stand a much greater chance of being pleased by the results.
  3. Photographic settings.  Ask if you can preview the backgrounds, props and items that the photography studio would put into the scene of your pictures.  Do you find the backgrounds aesthetically pleasing?  Will they all be available for you?

    While we're on the subject of background setting, you should also ask how many background changes you would be allowed to make.  The number of changes may vary depending on the size of the package you buy.

  4. Compare cost with other photography studios.  Small additional fees can add up; sometimes studios will charge you for changing backgrounds, taking additional poses or even using props that they provide.  Not all photography studios adopt the same customer-friendly philosophy when it comes to cost.

You can learn so much about a photography studio simply from their willingness and eagerness to answer your questions and provide information as you decide whether to choose them.  Solid customer service at this preliminary stage indicates solid customer service throughout the entire process.  Don't be afraid to shop around and be choosy.  Find the studio that has the best backgrounds for you, the best package deals and the level of customer control you desire.


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