How To Improve Your Writing Vocabulary

Nothing can destroy the flow of a paper like repetitive words and poor vocabulary choices. There are several ways to improve the vocabulary in your written work, and with a little time and effort, your writing will be the envy of all. 

  1. Use a Thesaurus. This is probably the easiest way to improve your writing vocabulary. There are many different types of thesauri in the world. You can buy a good, old-fashioned paperback version fairly cheaply, or you can invest in a high-tech, electronic thesaurus for a little bit more. If you do not want to spend money on a thesaurus, you could always find an online version. There are several good ones available; just go to your favorite search engine, type "thesaurus," and choose whichever one you like. You could also use the built-in thesaurus found in Microsoft Word. When you type a word that you would like to change, highlight the word and right click the mouse. A list will appear, and you will need to choose the option "synonyms." Then pick the word that you would like to use.
  2. Read More Often. Reading for just 30 minutes a day has been proven to greatly increase vocabulary in children. The same can go for adults. Reading allows you to be exposed to more words and, over time, these words will start to come out in your speech and writing. You do not have to read anything high-tech or complicated. Read things that you enjoy reading about, but do try to mix up your genres so that you will be exposed to many different types of words.
  3. Learn a New Word Every Day. Pick up one of those word-a-day calendars, or grab a dictionary and pick out a new word to learn every day. Learn this word by using it correctly at least four times a day. The more words you learn, the more words you'll have to choose from when you write.
  4. Review a Vocabulary Book. Pull out your old vocabulary book from high school and redo some of the exercises. If you do not have a vocabulary book, either go out and buy one or try one of the standardized test-prep books such as a GRE book. The GRE has an extensive vocabulary section, and many of the test preps have excellent vocabulary reviews and exercises.
  5. Play Word Games. There are many word games like Word searches, Cryptograms, and Crossword puzzles. These games can be found in game books or online. There are many great websites offering a variety of games that you can play for free or for a very small fee. This would be a fun and easy way to improve your writing vocabulary.


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