How To Quilt Coasters: Quilting Techniques and Tips

Create Personalized Coasters with These Fun Quilting Patterns

Two quilted coasters

Creating quilted coasters can be as easy or as difficult as you want. This article will provide you with some simple patterns to get you started. You can buy material either already quilted or with a similar look. You can create a pieced top of your own making. Once the coaster is made, you can also add to the look by quilting the layers. I have used stencils and I have also just sewn down the middle in a cross. Use these tips to learn how to make custom drink coasters.

  1. Find material (I use FatQuarters) you would like to make into personalized coasters. I use cotton fabrics as they clean up and hold their shape well.
  2. Next you need to decide on the size you want to make. Then add ½ inch to allow for the ¼ inch seam allowance. I usually make a 4-inch square coaster so I cut a 4 ½ inch square. For each coaster, I use three layers: bottom, middle and top. The bottom and the top can be made of the same or different material. The middle can either be quilting batten or a piece of flannel. I use flannel as it will not make the coaster too thick and uneven but will allow the quilt design to show up. Make sure that this middle material isn't too dark compared to the top and bottom material or it will show through. When cutting, I draw a grid with washable pen. One set of lines is for cutting and the other is for sewing 1/4 inch from the cut line. This helps me keep the pieces square.
  3. Once you have your squares cut, you need to layer them and follow some basic quilting techniques. With the middle layer on the bottom, place the top layer face up. Then place the bottom layer face down. Using straight pins, pin each corner together to hold the layers together while you sew. You can either hand sew or machine sew, depending on your skills. Using thread that matches the color of either the top or bottom material, sew the 3 layers together. Start about 1 inch from one corner. Sew to the corner and continue sewing around the square but stop 1 inch past the last corner. This will leave a 2-inch opening along one edge in a 4-inch square.
  4. Cut the tip of each corner off to allow the material to lay flat when the square is turned right side out. Be careful not to cut too close to the sewn corner. Using the 2-inch opening, turn the coaster right side out. With a pen or unsharpened pencil, push the corners out as much as possible. Sew the opening closed.
  5. Now you can quilt the layers together. You can use a stencil or even just tack the layers together. Use contrasting or dark colored thread to allow the quilt pattern to show. If you are using a stencil, trace the pattern on the material with a washable pen or pencil. Either hand sew or machine quilt the pattern that you have marked on the fabric.
  6. When making these for gifts, I have made 4 to 6 homemade drink coasters as a set.
  7. You can also use the same method to create a 6- or 8-inch square for a pot holder or a hot pad.


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