How To Find a Writing Space

In an ideal world, all writers would have spacious offices of their own with spectacular views and family and friends willing to give us all the time we need to work. In reality, most of us work out of our homes and try to carve out a spot for ourselves to write amid the chaos of caring for a family and a home. For those who take their writing seriously, it's imperative to claim a spot of your own for writing. Having a place you go to regularly to write will help you to think of yourself as a writer and create a writing routine. No matter what your living situation, there are a few things you can do to find a writing space.

  1. Be creative. Let go of the idea of a perfect office and instead look around your home for a place you can claim as your very own writing space. For some writers, this may mean adding a small corner desk and chair to the living room. One writer I know loves getting up early and setting up his laptop on a table on the deck overlooking his backyard. Another writer uses a small table and chair set up in her bedroom. Look around your home and you're sure to find a spot of your own.

  • Keep your needs and habits in mind when choosing a space. When deciding on a writing space, think about the atmosphere in which you do your best writing. If too much noise makes it impossible for you to think, choose a room without a television or radio that will distract you. If you have a large family who will be making requests of you as long as they can see you, choose a spot in a room with a door (and preferably a lock!).
  • Make it personal. To turn a nook into your own special writing space, add some personal touches. Have your first published clip framed and hang it on the wall. Place mementos from a vacation on a nearby shelf. Find something that has special meaning for you - a poem, an inspirational quote - and keep it pinned over your desk. It doesn't matter what you choose. Simply pick some things that you enjoy or that keep you inspired to put your personal stamp on your writing space.
  • Take it outside the house. For some people, the distraction and noise going on at home may make it tough to concentrate. In this case, bringing a notebook or laptop to a spot outside of your home might be the perfect answer. A café, bookstore or coffee shop may be the perfect spot to find a place to write as well as get some inspiration for your characters. If peace and quiet is what you need, head over to your local library.
  • Rent a space. If you're making enough to cover the costs involved in renting a writing space, this might be an option. For many writers, this is the ideal environment. It gives them a space devoted solely to their writing. It helps them to take their careers more seriously and it sets up boundaries for friends and family.
  • No matter what type of writing you do, it's important that you have a space to do it. Don't get too caught up on the image of the perfect writing space. With a little creative thinking, you can carve out a spot for yourself, and get down to the important part - the writing.


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