How To Write to Santa Claus

Every year in December, millions of children around the world sit down to write their letters to Santa Claus. Some choose to write their letter with crayon, others pencil, and a few children even use e-mail. No matter how the child chooses to write Jolly Old Saint Nick, you can use this great opportunity to teach the child how to write a proper friendly letter.

  1. The heading. Positioned in the upper-right-hand corner of the page, the heading includes the return address on the first line; the city, state and zip code on the second line; and the date on the third line.
  2. The Greeting.  The greeting is located a few spaces below the heading near the left margin. This should simply read, "Dear Santa Claus," or "Dear Santa." Make sure that you remind the child to put a comma at the end of the greeting.
  3. The Body. This is the section where the child will tell Santa Claus what they would like for Christmas. Make sure that the body does not get too long; many children will ask for the entire Toys R Us catalogue if you let them! Now might be an appropriate time to remind them not to be selfish and maybe even mention what younger siblings, who are too young to write to Santa, might like for Christmas. Also, let them tell Santa what a good boy or girl they have been this year. Remind them of a time that they were especially good and how proud you were of them on that occasion.
  4. The Closing.  This should be placed near the left margin of the paper a few lines below the body. The child could simply put "Your friend," or any other closing that you and your child decide to use. 
  5. The Signature. Have the child write his or her name.

After teaching the child how to write the letter, encourage him or her to decorate it with drawings and stickers. Maybe even incorporate a geography lesson and help your child draw Santa Claus a map to your house. If you are using e-mail as your option, show your child one of the excellent satellite images of your neighborhood that is available online; tell them that is how Santa will see their house on Christmas Eve. Finally, show how to address an envelope and let your child put it in the mailbox.

Every step of the way as your child writes the letter, be there as a guide offering these tips, but let your child do the work. Make the most of every opportunity to teach your child something new, even if it is something as simple as writing a letter to Santa.


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