How To Prepare a Retirement Speech

Giving retirement speech

Whether you are a co-worker, friend, child, or grandchild, there will be at least one opportunity in your life for you to give a retirement speech. Delivering a sincere speech is crucial, even if you do not like the retiree. Most people can sense generic speeches right away, so you should take the time to write your own.

  1. Choose the Mood:A retirement speech should not sound like a eulogy at a funeral, but on the other hand, it should not sound like a stand up comedy show either. For a great retirement speech, it is good to pick a mood. The best speeches should have a good balance of sincerity and humor. Depending on the person and your relation to them, your speech may have more humor or more sincerity. Write a speech that fits the retiree's character. When writing humor into the speech, be sure to add funny moments that everyone can share. Do not add inside jokes that only you and a couple of people will understand. And leave out all embarrassing blackmails. This is supposed to be a "happy farewell from your job" speech, not all the reasons why they were a bad employee or what they really did on their lunch breaks. When it comes to the sincerity, be truthful. If there is nothing sincere you can say about the person, then try phrases like, "I wish you well in life," or, "work will not be the same without you."
  2. Set a Time Frame:Time is not the most essential factor in your speech, but it is an important one. Depending on how well you know the retiree, you should keep the speech to about three to seven minutes. Shorter than three minutes and you might sound insincere. Longer than seven minutes and people may begin to grow tiresome. Be courteous to leave plenty of time for other people to say a speech.
  3. What to Include in the Speech:You already know to include some humor and sincerity in your speech. There are also a lot of other things you can include in your retirement speech. You can include a poem written by yourself or by someone else. You can also include famous quotes, as long as they relate to the person, event, or your speech in some way or another. Some other things you may want to include are any memories or lessons learned from the retiree. If you write from your heart, you will have a great retirement speech in no time.


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