Describe Yourself on Online Dating Websites: Internet Dating Tips

What to Share Online, What to Avoid

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So you have finally decided to put yourself on the world wide web of dating, and you're confident that you know how to use online dating sites. Congratulations! It is a big step to list yourself on internet sites. It is even a bigger step to find someone right for you on those sites, and now you're searching for tips online so you can increase your chances of finding your perfect mate.  If you're hoping to find a great date online, you've got to post a dynamic, interesting personality profile.  This article will help you do just that!

Posting the right self-description to your chosen online dating websites will increase your chances of finding the right date; follow these tips and you'll soon learn how to describe yourself and the person that you would like to meet. 

  1. Be Honest: Honesty is always the best policy. Do not describe yourself as something other than you are. Most people looking on the dating site will be looking for honesty and personality over looking like a supermodel. Some things that are crucial to be honest about are your approximate size, what you like to do, if you have ever been married or divorced, and if you have any children. You will only waste your time--and that of your potential suitor--if you lie. By lying, you are attracting people who only want to go out with your false image. When they find out the real you, they will leave you sitting with the dinner bill. Also by being honest, you are allowing yourself to meet someone that is accepting of the real you.
  2. Picture Perfect: The best way to describe yourself is through posting a picture. Post a picture that was taken the maximum of four months ago. A picture makes you look more trustworthy and more likely to get a date. Pictures from years ago or pictures that have been enhanced to look better are just like lying.
  3. Your Interests: When describing your likes and interests, be direct. You need to give the people searching your profile good information about what you like; he or she should be able to get some good insights into your personality. Do not sound stereotypical by writing, "I enjoy long walks on the beach." Include more specific things such as, "I enjoy nature and have lead many nature hikes and campouts for the local girl scouts." Do not be afraid or ashamed to add some of your more humiliating hobbies. This way you can find someone who can enjoy the same hobbies as you, or at the very least, someone who will not criticize your hobby. 
  4. Your Personality: You should include some things about your personality. You do not have to tell every minute detail about what makes you tick, but a rough outline is good. The best things to include in your personality section are your outlook on life, what type of person you are and habits you have.
  5. What You Are Looking For: By writing what you want in your mate, you will eliminate a lot of people who do not fit the description. Do not be too picky when describing your future date. You want to create a description that a handful of quality people will fall into, not a strict criterion that no one will meet.
  6. What to Avoid: Now that you know the best things to include in your online dating profile, you should know what to avoid. Avoid sounding like someone you are not. Also, it is wise to avoid sounding like you are desperate for love or still in love with an ex or crush. Above all else, avoid coming across as too sexual on any online dating site. This will only attract the wrong type of people.

Dating online can feel awkward, especially since it's hard to put yourself on websites for everyone to see. With a well-composed personality profile, your online dating will be so much easier! Just remember to be yourself, and you'll soon find the perfect date.


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