How To Find an Illustrator

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You have finally done it. You have written a book or other piece of writing that will rock this world. The only problem is that in order for your piece of writing to be a success, it needs accompanying illustrations. Do not stress out about this -- finding an illustrator is not that hard to do, as long as you know where to look.

  1. Talk to an agent: If you already have a literary agent, then they should have many illustrators on call. If you do not have an agent or editor, now may be the time to get one, especially if you were planning on having your writing published. You should be able to find an agent or publisher in your local listing or on online listings. Finding an agent or editor nearby will make communication easier.
  2. Find an illustrator online: Business of every kind is beginning to boom on the internet. Illustration is no exception. With just a simple search in your preferred search engine, many results should appear with illustrators. The best site to find is a listing of all illustrators near you. You may even be able to find a freelance illustrator's websites and prices online. It is not suggested that you try to contact famous illustrators; usually their prices are high and they only do work through agents and publishers. Look for an online illustrator whose location is close to yours, so that you will be able to meet in person. It is possible to do all the art work by mail, but it is easier if you can meet with the illustrator at least once.  To make your illustrator search easier, there are many collective illustrator sites out there. On sites such as and Shannon Associates, you can search through portfolios and get price estimates. This makes your search easier because these sites are full of quality and professional illustrators.
  3. Art students: Believe it or not, there are many art students available for hire. You can find an art student at any art program at your city's local college or even high school. Since they are still students, they may be willing to do the artwork for a very decent price. Do not assume, just because they are art students, that they are bad or inexperienced when it comes to art. On the contrary, you will be surprised to find a lot of hidden talent among art students.
  4. Provide your own illustration: Have you ever tried drawing? There are many art lessons online and classes available at your local college, YMCA, or art store. You may discover a hidden talent or passion. If you discover that you are even worse at drawing than you thought, another idea is to look for an illustrator among the new friends you made through your studies. Otherwise, ask your friends and family members for possible leads.


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