How To Write a Speech for a Bar Mitzvah

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According to Jewish tradition, a Bar Mitzvah celebrates the transition from childhood to adulthood.  It should be a time of fun and celebration. Amongst all the celebrating, you may be required to give a speech. A well-thought, eloquent speech will show all your guests that you are ready for manhood.

Writing and making a speech is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is include a few essential things. Those who are giving speeches in honor of the young man will be able to find advice on how to construct your speech as well. Here's how to write a speech for a Bar Mitzvah.

  1. Thanks: When you begin the speech writing process, consider everything that went into this day and what the day is about. Not only is thanking everyone polite, but it is also a sign of maturity. Be sure to thank all the people who have contributed such as your parents and rabbi. To make it even more personal, you can include what you have learned from them as you thank them. It is also a good idea to thank everyone else who attended and express your appreciation for their presence.
  2. What It Means to You: Another important thing to include is what celebrating your Bar Mitzvah means to you. In a couple of sentences, you want to be able to portray that you understand that this celebration is not just because you wanted a party. Explain briefly how you have grown throughout the years to become the young man you are today. It is also a good idea to include what the Jewish faith means to you. You can even go as far as including your personal testimony. If you are giving a speech in honor of the young man, tell how much he means to you, how you know him and what you have witnessed on his journey to manhood. You can also explain how continuing the Jewish faith means a lot to you and the community.
  3. Poem or Reading: Including a poem or reading is not essential. It is a good thing to add if you want to express your feelings but do not know how in any other way. It is also a good way to add sincerity to your speech.
  4. Humorous Memories: Some fun speech ideas are to include humorous memories or stories that will entertain your guests. Since this is a time of celebration, laughs are acceptable. Only include one or two and ones that all can enjoy. Do not include one that only a few people will understand because they were there. To give the audience a laugh and make the honoree a little embarrassed, tell some funny stories you shared with the young man. Know how much is too much; you do not want to completely humiliate the young man on his special day.
  5. Time Frame: If you are the man of the day, you could speak all day if you wanted. To keep your guests entertained, it is a very good idea to keep your speech anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. If you are giving a speech in honor of the young man, keep it short and sweet. There are probably many others who would like to give a speech, so it is best if you kept your time limit to 3-8 minutes.

Whether you are the man of the hour at your Bar Mitzvah or an attendee, giving a speech can be fun. These speech writing tips can help you prepare your presentation. Remember to personalize your speech with memories and to give thanks as appropriate. As long as you follow these tips and write from the heart, your speech will be great.


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