How To Write an Acceptance Letter

Writing an acceptance letter is an important part of accepting an offer of employment. Even if you have been contacted by phone and have verbally accepted the position, writing a letter confirms your acceptance and the specifics of the company's offer. It is also good manners.
Writing an acceptance letter usually occurs between the time you verbally accept a job and the time you sign a legal contract. It is a formal way of ensuring that both you and the company agree on the job specifics before that contract is drawn up.  
If you have been offered a job (and congratulations, by the way!), here's how to write your formal letter of acceptance.

  1. Use a standard business format when writing the letter. You name, address, phone number and the date should all be at the top of the letter. The name of the person receiving the letter along with the company name and address should be below your information.
  2. Use a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial for your letter. Fancy fonts are not professional.
  3. Address the letter to the person who offered you the position. If an assistant called on that person's behalf, do not write the letter to the assistant. Make sure you have the person's name spelled correctly and the correct mailing address.
  4. Keep the letter short and to the point.
  5. In the first paragraph, say thank you and mention the exact title of the position that you are accepting. Also, make sure to state that you are accepting the position.
  6. In the next paragraph you should restate the terms of your employment as you understand them. These terms include salary, benefits, location, hours, job title, and any other items that have already been discussed between you and your future employer.
  7. In the third paragraph, write something that will show that you are looking forward to coming to work for the company. You should also include a sentence like, "If you need to contact me for any reason before my first day of work, I can be reached at..." The company already has your information on file, but this is considered standard in an acceptance letter.
  8. Proofread your letter carefully. You've already made a great impression on the company or they would not be hiring you. It would be a mistake to tarnish that impression by sending an acceptance letter with mistakes and typos.
  9. Print your letter on high quality paper. Remember to sign it after it has been printed.
  10. Make a copy of your signed letter.

  11. Mail the letter, making sure to address it to the person it is written to, and not just the company.


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