How To Write in Cursive: Cursive Handwriting Practice

Use These Tips when Writing Cursive Letters

Cursive writing

In the past, cursive writing (as opposed to block printing) was commonly taught to children at an early age in elementary school. Cursive handwriting consists of three parts. Those three parts are correct letter formation, uniform letter size, and the correct slant of the letter. Even if you did not learn how to write in cursive when you were a youngster in school, you can still learn how to do it now, in a fun and easy way.

  1. Learn the Rules. Cursive writing has some rules. The first of which is that all small cursive letters start at the top (meaning, when you're writing individual letters, your pencil should begin at the letter's highest point). The next rule is that all similar cursive letters should reach the same height. This means that your letters "a" and "o" should be the same height as should your letters "h" and "l." Another rule is that the space in between words should be the size of a lower case "o." The last rule to know is that letters that are completed at the top connect via a horizontal line with the next letter, but letters that are completed on the bottom join the next letter via a diagonal line.
  2. Buy a Book. The best way to learn how to write in cursive is to do some cursive handwriting practice. Buy a book that has instructions on how to write in cursive. The best books will include plenty of writing exercises, too. Two great books to look into are D'Nealian Handwriting Cursive ABC Book by Donald N. Thurber and Patricia Barbee and Learn Handwriting by Allen Gonzalez and Walter Storozuk.
  3. Download the Font. If you do not care to buy the book or are low on funds, you can easily create your own cursive practice sheets. There is a beautiful cursive font available at BlueVinylFonts. All you have to do is download it for free and install it into your computer. To install a new font into your computer, first download the font and save it. After that, you may need to extract it. To extract the font, all you have to do is right click on the font and select "unzip". If there is no "unzip" selection, then it is probably already extracted. Then go to the "control panel" option in the start menu. Go to "fonts" > "file" > "install new font". From there, find where your font is saved on your computer. You can also just drag and drop your new font onto your desktop. Once all that is done, open up a new word program. Select your new font and type out anything you want. It should be large enough to easily read and trace over. Print it out and start practicing by tracing over the letters.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so set up a regular routine to practice handwriting. Cursive writing may be hard to learn at first. However, if you keep practicing writing cursive, it should come easily to you in no time. 


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