How To Grade Action Figures

An Introduction for Collectors

Action figure grading refers to categorizing an action figure's condition to determine its value in the market. Action figure grading is an important matter, so much so that specialists in the area, such as the Action Figure Authority (AFA), are commissioned by enthusiasts and serious collectors alike to establish their collection's monetary worth.

C10: Mint Condition

An action figure graded as C10 or mint condition should be a cause for you to rejoice. An action figure belonging to this grading is in its top shape. So this essentially means that it is clean and its paint job was professionally and carefully done so no uneven coloration is present. Furthermore, the movable parts such as joints are all intact and securely fastened. C10 action figures all have the accessories and add-ons included. Lastly, a C10 action figure's box should be free of creases, dents or rips typically resulting from tag price removal.

C8-9: Near Mint Condition

Action figures graded with C8-9 are still as squeaky clean as C10 and no color imperfections are present. A figure may be ranked C8-9 if one or two of its original accessories are not present or some of its joints are not very securely attached.

C6-7: Fine Condition

Not as fine as the two previous grades. An action figure belonging to this category may have some color imperfections and a little sign of wear and tear, or some of its original accessories lost. However, the limbs should all be intact and properly attached onto their joints.

C4-5: Good Condition

Action figures ranking C4-5 do not fetch as much in the market because of obvious signs of wear and tear, color loss, loose joints and missing accessories. However, some serious collectors still get action figures belonging in this category as they can still be easily repaired and restored. 

C2-3: Poor Condition

Cry it out if your action figure unfortunately got ranked C2-3. This grading is due to a very badly-maintained action figure. Firstly, its limbs are poorly attached onto the joints. Secondly, the paint job has been reduced to uneven discolorations on the action figure's surface. Third and not the least, the action figure may exhibit a few but very serious breaks or dents.

C1: Very Poor Condition

Needless to say, an action figure included in this category will be better off as your dog's chew toy.

Just make sure that the busted limbs would not choke and potentially endanger your pet. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to scrape off the paint altogether so that your dog does not ingest harmful chemicals from the paint.

Action figure collecting (and selling) can be a very lucrative hobby. This is why knowing the ins and outs of the business is crucial to make sure that you won't be short-changed and are assured that you get the most of this fun yet rewarding endeavor.


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