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  • How To Collect Mercury Glass

    Mercury glass is a stunning type of antique glass. Here are tips on how to start collecting Mercury glass to begin a rewarding and fun hobby.
  • How To Collect Coke Bottle Caps

    Just have fun or get serious and create an investment by collecting rare and vintage coke bottle caps. Here's how to get started.
  • How To Collect Snow Globes

    A perennial favorite, snow globes are a great fun collector's item. Learn more about globes and how to start collecting them.
  • How To Collect Comics

    Comic books make great reading but can be valuable artwork worthy to be collected and preserved. Here's how to collect comics.
  • How To Clean Antique Kerosene Lamps

    Bring the shine back to an antique kerosene lamp, and you'll give its value a big boost. The grime of wax and soot can be removed if you know how.
  • How To Collect Sewing Machines

    Sewing machines are remarkable contraptions and come in wide varieties, which makes collecting sewing machines such an interesting hobby.
  • How To Collect Antique Shaving Mugs

    Check out these antique and collectibles tips to help you find and collect antique shaving mugs of all kinds, sizes, styles, and values.
  • How To Collect Baseball Pennants

    Baseball pennants make great collectibles and excellent decorations for the room of any baseball fan, so check out these sources for baseball pennants.
  • How To Authenticate a Babe Ruth Autograph

    A Babe Ruth autograph can be worth a small fortune, but only if it's genuine. Learn how to authenticate a Babe Ruth autograph on baseballs, baseball cards, etc.
  • How To Balance RC Helicopters

    If you are having a hard time flying your RC helicopter, you're not alone. The trick is to balance your flight with RC helicopters.
  • How To Appraise Silver

    Interested in appraising silver? Get tips to identify, deal and collect silver. Learn to spot the value of silver. Here's how to appraise silver.
  • How To Wind an 8-Day Clock

    8-day clocks are important timepieces that are passed down through generations as family heirlooms. Learn how to safely wind your 8-day clock.
  • How To Whistle with Two Fingers

    Envy people who can whistle loudly at ballgames and activities? Follow these steps and you'll learn how to whistle with two fingers.
  • How To Write a Perfect Gift Card

    Need help writing meaningful phrases to go along with a gift card? Learn to write a nice card for your gift. Here’s how to write a perfect gift card.
  • How To Wear Circus Stilts

    Getting the trick of how to wear circus stilts and start to walk on stilts is a challenge, but once you get the hang of it you'll be an eager stilt-walker.
  • How To Antique Iron Candlesticks

    Use this quick interior design trick to antique your new iron candlesticks for a classic, aged candlestick look.
  • How To Volunteer at a Women's Shelter

    Volunteering at a women's shelter is one of the best and most productive ways that you could spend your time. Do know, however, that it will certainly demand from you...
  • How To Use Pyramid Power

    The pyramid wasn't a shape randomly chosen by the Egyptians, pyramid power concentrates energy and can bring restorative and energizing power to you life.
  • How To Identify Fossils

    Fossils are preserved pieces of organisms and geological materials found all over Earth. Learn more tips to help you identify fossils.
  • How To Identify Corelle Patterns

    Corelle dinnerware is popular and durable. If you like a certain pattern, here's how to recognize other pieces to coordinate with it that you might want to add to your...
  • How To Use the Mold to Hand Roll Cigars

    Hand rolling your own cigars turns tobacco into even more of a luxury. You'll need a mold, though, to shape your leaves into the right form.
  • How To Interior Decorate Your Cubicle

    Is your work cubicle boring? Decorate it with these steps. Remember, however, that it is still office property and needs to reflect professionalism.
  • How To Identify Vintage Cut Crystal

    Vintage cut crystal can be a wonderful find in antique shows and antique shops, but you will need to look for the important details to uncover genuine vintage cut...
  • How To Identify Vintage and Antique Brown Glass Bottles

    Learn to identify vintage and antique brown glass bottles so that you can find them amid the pretenders at the next antique show or antique shop you visit.
  • How To Supercharge a Paper Airplane

    Make these design changes to supercharge your paper airplane and sending it flying higher and farther.
  • How To Identify Arrowheads and Points

    Interested in collecting spear tips and arrowheads? Get tips for finding arrowheads and other tools. Here's how to identify arrowheads and points.
  • How To Identify Real Waterford Crystal

    Waterford crystals are a good investment due to their beauty and value. Learn how to identify real Waterford crystal and protect yourself from fraud.
  • How To Tell If Concert Tickets are Real

    Use this checklist to determine whether the concert tickets you're getting from a scalper or another person are real or if you're being scammed.
  • How To Tie Chair Sashes

    Adding sashes to your chairs gives your indoor or outdoor decor a fabulous one-of-a-kind look for parties and every kind of entertaining.
  • How To Store Mint Sheets of Stamps

    Protect mint sheets of collectible stamps by keeping them in acid-free envelopes stored somewhere dark and dry like a closet. Proper care will make them more valuable.
  • How To Frame Antique Maps

    Antique maps need extra care to keep their value. Here are a number of ways to frame antique maps.
  • How To Find Fenton Art Glass Dealers

    Fenton art glass and the well-known milk glass are perennial favorites with collectors. Here's how to find Fenton art glass dealers online.
  • How To Fire a Cannon

    Want to try firing a cannon? Use these safety tips and instructions to successfully fire cannons without being injured. Here's how to fire a cannon.
  • How To Find the Value of Mexican Gold Coins

    Mexican gold coins have become popular among coin collectors, but to improve your own collection of Mexican gold coins, you should learn how to value them.
  • How To Find and Preserve Sand Dollars

    Want to collect sand dollars? Get tips for finding and preserving a sand dollar. Here's how to find and preserve sand dollars.
  • How To Select Decorations for a Slumber Party

    Any slumber party will be incomplete without the right decorations. Here are a few simple tips on how to select decorations for a slumber party.
  • How To Find African Figurines

    It can be quite difficult to find African figurines. Most of these are collector's items and therefore very hard to come by and not readily available in handicraft...
  • How To Resell Antique Oil Lamps

    If you are already collecting antique oil lamps, you may want to resell some of your oil lamp collection.
  • How To Cut Costs on a Grocery Bill

    Cutting costs on a grocery bill involves smart choosing and being sure you are able to stick within your budget.
  • How To Refine Your Scrap Silver and Gold

    Gold and silver are also used in metal materials of all sorts. If you have a quantity of gold around the house, you can make easy money if you refine them.
  • How To Refill a Butane Torch Lighter

    Butane torch lighters will eventually need to be refilled, especially if you use your torch lighter frequently. Here’s how you can refill the lighter.
  • How To Re-Dye Jeans

    Instead of throwing away your faded jeans or storing them in the back of the closet, however, you can actually re-dye jeans to return them to their original dark color.
  • How To Put a Trampoline Together

    A trampoline can be confusing, even when the product comes with a manual. Here are some tips that simplify the process of putting together a trampoline.
  • How To Prioritize Your Daily Tasks Effectively

    A simple to-do list can actually work wonders but to be more efficient and organized in our daily tasks, let us delve deeper.
  • How To Print Pretend Money

    The printing of real currency is illegal. On the other hand, the printing of pretend money to be used for education, gaming, or events purposes is perfectly legal.
  • How To Put Together a Round Trampoline

    Although a bit challenging, the process of assembling a round trampoline is more or less the same in all models.
  • How To Cut Sexy T-Shirts

    If you have some old T-shirts, or better yet oversized shirts your boyfriend or brother has discarded, these are best for cutting into sexy T-shirts.
  • How To Decorate Church Pews for Weddings

    Whether you decide to use a traditional or a modern theme, how you decorate the church pews can greatly affect the ambience of your wedding ceremony.
  • How To Create Personalized CDs as Wedding Favors

    A fun and creative trend is to create a personalized CD as a wedding favor! It’s practical, thoughtful and isn’t too expensive, especially if you have hundreds of...
  • How To Create a Beer Lover's Gift Basket

    If you have a friend who has a taste for beer, then you might consider giving him a beer lover’s gift basket for special occasions.