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  • How To Customize Chalk Boards

    Chalk boards are useful, and you can find them everywhere, but plain ones are boring. You may want to add designs to customize your chalk board.
  • How To Build Aircraft Carrier Models

    Model hobbyists consider the aircraft carrier as one of the hot items to add to any collection. Here’s how you can build your own model aircraft carrier.
  • How To Write Music Note Code

    Looking for music note codes to use as symbols, images, or layouts for your blogs and social networking sites like MySpace? Here are ways on how to use or write a...
  • How To Find Reviews on the Steiff Teddy Bear

    The Steiff teddy bear is one of the best collectible you could have. It is not only dear to look at but will keep you company for years to come.
  • How To Find Materials to Make Wooden Chairs

    Building wooden chairs for inside or outside use is a great hobby. This article explains what type of wood is best for beginners and how to find necessary materials.
  • How To Select from Popular Compost Tumbler Models

    In choosing the appropriate compost tumbler, take note of these popular compost tumbler models.
  • How To Find Kitty Party Accessories Online

    A Kitty party doesn't only bring “Hello Kitty” (a fictional character) to the scene; they also employ plain old cats or kittens as motifs.
  • How To Make a Bow-Drill for Starting a Fire

    The bow-drill has four different parts to it, and they can all be found in nature by looking for sticks and branches that are already on the ground.
  • How To Rent a Helium Tank

    If you have a party and you would like to have a lot of balloons for decoration, what you can do is to rent a helium tank and inflate the balloons on your own.
  • How To Shop for Decorative Chinese Food Boxes

    A quick search reveals that Chinese food boxes come in a rainbow of colors, holiday patterns, and party themes. How do you find the right ones?
  • How To Replace a Broken Case Handle

    Steps are provided to replace a broken handle on a briefcase, luggage case or laptop case. It also advises when it is time to replace the case itself.
  • How To Build a Family Tree

    Building your own family tree can be a learning experience; it's fun to sit down with family members and trace your genealogy.
  • How To Make a Dovetail Joint

    Many good furniture makers use the dovetail joints when they build their furniture. Learn how to make a dovetail joint.
  • How To Find Useful Things in a Scrap Yard

    A scrap yard, also called a junk yard or salvage yard, can prove to be an exciting hunting ground to find useful things that can be repurposed and given a second life.
  • How To Plan a Treasure Hunt for Kids

    We have compiled a few simple tips for you to turn to if ever you want to spice up your kid's birthday party with a good old treasure hunting activity.
  • How To Fill Up Balloons with a Helium Tank

    Balloons are great additions to any party or family gathering; if you want them to float in the air, you should fill them with helium from a tank.
  • How To Find Body Donation Programs

    If you have decided to submit your body to science right after your death, then you will need to locate different body donation programs.
  • How To Identify a Roman Sword

    A Roman sword is also known as the Gladius, and there are two main types of Roman swords: the Roman short swords and the Roman long swords.
  • How To Sell Items from Your Coin Collection

    Whether you sell coins through an auction or individual ads, there is a collector looking for what you have to offer. Learn the best ways to sell items from your coin...
  • How To Make a Little Picture Book for Kids

    Follow these steps to make a small, kid-friendly picture book containing family photos and vacation pictures. Have your little one assist you for extra family fun.
  • How To Organize a Coin Collection

    Collecting coins is a popular hobby, and enthusiasts will quickly learn that a coin does not have to be old to be collectible. Learn how to start and organize a coin...
  • How To Become a Contest Winner

    To better your eligibility for winning a contest prize, you need to focus on multiple entries. Read more about how to become a contest winner.
  • How To Order Books Online

    Ordering books online is simple with today's available Internet sites and the ease of using them. Read more about ordering books online and some sites to help you.
  • How To Help Kids Make a Little Picture Dictionary

    Read ideas for helping your child make a little picture dictionary. This activity will help kids learn how to read.
  • How To Get an Indian News Update Service

    If you are looking for a way to keep in touch with news about India, there are many ways that you can do so.
  • How To Sell Things to a Scrap Yard

    Scrap yards are facilities where you can dispose of unwanted items and make extra money. Learn what is required to sell to a scrap yard.
  • How To Find a Leather Badge Holder for a Gift

    It is hard to think of a gift fit for a professional. However, for those required to carry a badge day after day, then there is nothing more perfect than a leather...
  • How To Make a Car Donation to Help Wounded Veterans

    If you want to do something special for our wounded veterans, to thank them for their service, and dedication, why not consider a car donation?
  • How To Create a Coin Album

    Whether you collect pennies, nickels, dimes, or silver dollars, coin albums are a nice way to keep your collectibles safe and easily managed.
  • How To Find the Value of Your Commemorative Coins

    When collecting commemorative coins, it is important to know not just the market value of the coin you’re eyeing, but the history as well.
  • How To Identify Japanese Katana Swords

    The katana is a traditional Japanese sword which is used for open combat. Learn how to identify the many types of katana.
  • How To Visit a Classic Carousel

    The classic carousel is not just an item, but it is also something that sparks sentimentality. It represents an age that was almost long forgotten.
  • How To Begin a Stamp Collection

    Stamp collecting, or philately, is a hobby that appeals to all ages, is fun and educational. Read tips for beginning a stamp collection.
  • How To Join a Free Book Club

    Free book clubs offer the opportunity to not only discuss books, but also to make friends. Read tips for choosing the best free book club for your needs.
  • How To Subscribe to Faith and Family Magazine

    Faith and family always go together, which is why the best family magazine in the market is Faith and Family magazine.
  • How To Explore a Cave

    Spelunking, or the act of exploring a cave from within, has gained popularity as a recreational activity. Learn tips for safely exploring caves.
  • How To Find Civil War Collectibles

    If you have just started collecting Civil War memorabilia, or you're looking to expand your collection, here's how to collect Civil War items.
  • How To Make Artificial Ice

    Most artificial ice found in large quantities (ice hockey rink) is created using machinery; try this science experiment to make artificial ice at home using chemistry.
  • How To Plan Themes and Games for a Kitty Party

    A kitty party is a party where women meet, discuss, have fun and enjoy. Usually these are parties where only women and girls are invited.
  • How To Sell Your Coin Album

    If you are a coin enthusiast and you would like to find out how to sell your coin album, then here is a list of the tasks you should do.
  • How To Learn Owl Calls

    You can surely attract some owls to your barn or garden. You just need to learn the owl calls.
  • How To Find Ballet Posters

    Ballet posters can be purchased online or through local art studios. Read suggestions for finding your choice of ballet posters.
  • How To Find Fire Truck Toys and Games

    Here are some of the best websites to visit for fire truck toys and other games.
  • How To Find Popular Commemorative Coins

    Though commemorative coins may be issued for regular circulation, some are designated collectors’ items only.
  • How To Collect Vintage Typewriter Models

    Although computer word processing has become very popular, some people prefer to use and collect typewriters. Learn vintage typewriter models to add to your collection.
  • How To Clean Cemetery Headstones

    Cemeteries serve as a final resting place for loved ones. Learn how to clean cemetery headstones and keep the grave site a place where comfort can be found.
  • How To Participate in a Coin Auction

    People have been collecting coins since ancient times. If you want to get started in this hobby, participating in coin auctions is exciting and fun.
  • How To Find a Book Club

    Book clubs can be a great way to socialize with people who share common interests with you. It's pretty easy to find book clubs in most major cities.
  • How To Find a Coin Appraisal Service

    If you're a coin collector, check out some of these suggestions for finding a coin appraisal service both on the Internet and near you.
  • How To Use Coin Books

    Placing a value on coins is easily done with the use of coin books. You can use these as value guides or simply for reference.