How To Make Adorable Baby Shower Centerpieces

Whether you are a mother to be, an appointed coordinator or a guest to a baby shower of parents to be, there are a lot of things to prepare or to consider for a baby shower -invitations, decorations, thank you cards, accessories, and especially centerpieces. The centerpiece, as the name implies, is the decoration in the center of the table where guests will place presents for both the mother and the coming baby. These do not need to be expensive, so here are a few centerpieces that you can make yourself.

  1. Diaper 'cakes'. This is actually one of the most popular centerpieces these days because they serve a dual purpose of being adorable as well as practical. You can make several layers of diapers to make this cake and you can either insert gifts in each rolled diaper, or tie them with ribbons onto the whole 'cake' to serve as cake decoration. There are plenty of direction on the internet that you can follow for making them or you can just wing it with the basic idea of what a cake looks like. You can even add a head and some arms to it if you have the supplies for making them.
  2. Baby sock roses. As the name implies, you make these roses by using baby socks. You can use six pairs if you want to make a dozen roses for the centerpiece or less if you are pressed for time. You only need to have the socks, green floral tape, green floral wire, wire cutters, vase and some small flowers from the floral shop for extra effect.
  3. Scrapbook. You make a scrapbook containing moments of the mother to be as your centerpiece for guests to look at during the baby shower. If the family has other kids aside from the coming baby, there can also be pictures of the mother with them and the whole family. This is a great ice-breaker to get the party going and you might want to add a blank booklet that guests can write a special message in. You can ask around craft shops for creative ideas on how to make your scrapbook, and for extra decorations that you may want to add.
  4. Baby wreath. There are many types of materials you can use for making a baby wreath. It can be made of twigs, straw, ivy, or ribbons. Just make sure that it will go with the theme of the shower. You can also add berries and some words of welcome for the baby strewn across it either on a cloth or on a wide ribbon.

There are more baby shower centerpieces that you can put in the middle table, such as a bouquet of flowers with a decorated vase. You can also buy ready-made centerpieces if you are in a hurry, but if you do have time, it is nice to make a personalised centerpiece for your friend's baby shower.  You can also have party favors for guests to take home like personalized bookmarks, key chains or refrigerator magnets.


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