How To Design and Make Albums Using Scrapbook Paper

Photographs, written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories and other memorable "scraps" arranged or combined on a page - depending on the design ideas of the maker - is the common notion of what scrapbooking is. Basically, that is what scrapbooking is all about. Add in the memorable play bills, organization ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and even locks of hair along with newspaper clippings, magazine articles or book pages that may have caught your attention. Scrapbook paper is commonly used as the platform into which the scraps and scrapbook ideas are arranged.

There are lots of album and design ideas using Scrapbook Paper, aside from using it for scrapbook layouts and scrapbook albums. And to name a few, here are easy and handy Ideas that you can try. You'll surely enjoy them

  1. Color blocking. This is the simplest and one of the commonly used designs for scrapbooking and background lay-out. It is done using colored papers put on top of the other as background or as base of the lay-out. In choosing the papers, see to it that the color is matched to the picture or the items to be used. You can choose from simple to flashy hues and tones. You can also play on the edges and corners of the paper using a cutter. Even better, you can finish it up with other add-ons and embellishments like journals, ribbons, scrapbooking stickers, or beads.

  2. Paper baskets. This can be simply done by putting your scrapbook pages together to form a basket. There are different designs that you can choose from all over the net. You can add harder papers to make the basket firm. To decorate the baskets ribbons, buttons, stickers and sequins can be used. Or you can also cut out your favorite photos along with cut-out names and different shaped pieces.

  3. Sketches. Aside from directly drawing sketches on scrapbook papers, sketching can also be used as a scrapbooking design. It is done by creating layouts using different pictures or images. You can change the size of the pictures or have them arranged in your own unique way.

  4. Wrapping papers. There are varied designs that you can add to the scrapbook paper to turn it into a personalized wrapping paper. You can even trace the wrapping itself right onto the scrapbook paper. After adding the design that you want, wrap them around an item. Be sure to seal it at the ends.

  5. Book covers. If you're thinking of something to perk up your book, notebooks or binders, scrapbook paper can do the trick. Just choose the design that will match your preferences, then use it as a covering for the items.

  6. Storage boxes. Old shoe boxes, cardboard boxes and other types of boxes can be changed into stylish storage boxes by covering them with nicely designed scrapbook paper. To avoid wrinkles in the paper, better use a no-wrinkle adhesive. You can cover all the sides of the boxes, or you can simply attach a part of the paper on the edges. After doing so, you can then use your newly designed boxes as storage and organizer for your files, journals, photos or whatever item that you like.

Those are but a few of the things you can do with scrapbook paper. For sure you also have several design ideas. Better give it a try now and see for yourself how creative you can be.


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