How To Apply and Use Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has a colorful history. It was Dumas who predicted its existence around 1840. However, the first example was produced during 1872 by Ladenburg.  The first silicone rubber was created by mixing diethoxydiethysilane, water and trace amounts of acids. It formed viscous oil. But the earliest commercial grades only happened in 1943. The Dow Chemical Company was the first company that created a commercially useful silicone rubber. With this advancement, other companies followed them shortly after. Today, silicone rubber is being used in many ways, and you might be interested to know what the uses and applications of silicone rubber are.

Silicone rubber has its own classes and properties, and each class has its uses in our society.

  1. High Temperature Vulcanizing. This is also known as heat curable, and usually comes in the form of semi-solid gum in an uncured state. This form needs to undergo a rubber-type processing to produce the finished and desired items.
  2. Room Temperature Vulcanizing. More often, these products look like a liquid rubber used for sealants, encapsulation and potting. But then, these kinds of materials are not commonly utilized as conventional rubbers.
  3. Liquid Silicone Rubbers. They are called heat curable liquid materials. Undoubtedly, these materials are being processed for specifically and especially designed extrusion production apparatus and injection molding.

On the other hand, silicone rubbers have their impact on different fields in the economy. Some of their applications in mechanical engineering are shaft sealing rings, radiator and automotive heating hoses, window and door seals, spark plug caps and many more. Inside the realm of electrical engineering, they have the following applications: cables and cable termination, corona-resistant insulation tubing, keyboards and contact mats, and conductive profiled seals. Hence, if we will look at the field of medicine they also have made a lot of contributions, such as tubing for dialysis, bellows for artificial respirators, and catheters.

Silicone rubbers are really useful in our everyday life. You can actually utilize them in almost all possible ways. If you will compare a silicone rubber to a natural rubber band, you will then realize that natural bands are organic. This is the reason why many people as well as manufacturers prefer the silicone rubber to the organic one. Their qualities make them superior, as you can manipulate and use them in many ways such as:

  1. You can use them for gaskets and seals like most manufacturers do.
  2. Toys and other children stuffs are made of silicone rubber. Since it can be made into different shapes and its elasticity never fades, it is a good raw material for a kid’s toy. How would you love to see your son’s ball still bouncing after 10 years?
  3. Silicone rubber is present in almost all parts of your home including personal products, shoes, garments and hardware.
  4. It can be used as silicone sealant or a rubber sheet.

Silicone rubber is in almost every part of our life. They appear in all fields of industry.  You can see them in your garage, dining room, kitchen and even bathroom. See? Silicone rubber has made a long journey, and it will continue to be productive as years go by.


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