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  • How To Use Acrylic Paints

    Using a new kind of paint is always exciting, and if it happens to be acrylic paint then you are in for a lot of fun. Acrylic paint is a water-based type of paint that...
  • How To Understand Kinetic Sculpture

    Kinetic sculpture is a form of kinetic art, which makes use of mobile parts to make a moving effect. The movement is achieved by means of electricity, wind, water,...
  • How To Use a Moleskine Notebook

    There is a multitude of ways that you can use a moleskine notebook in everything that you do. Having grown much in popularity, a moleskine notebook is a simple journal...
  • How To Transfer an Image to Wood with Graphite Paper

    You’re an artist. You crave for perfection in all your art pieces. When you want to do wood art pieces (such as doing Pyrography), you would need to transfer images...
  • How To Use a Capo on an Acoustic Guitar

    So you want to be the next top musician and be the best in playing an acoustic guitar. But before that, you need to learn how to play the guitar, and you need to also...
  • How To Understand Sheet Music Easily

    Understanding sheet music may seem impossible to the untrained eye. After all, sheet music contains lines that make it look more complicated than any other foreign...
  • How To Teach yourself to Play the Piano

    Did you know that playing a musical instrument helps your body treat illness? According to studies, classical music in particular lowers the blood pressure. We don’t...
  • How To Sew Wall Tapestries

    Wall tapestries have long been used to decorate castles, and now homes. They come in different styles and can be mounted in various ways. Making wall tapestries can...
  • How To Set Up an Artist's Stool

    The stool of a working artist is a very important tool since this will be the main resting place for the artist while he is finishing his work – whether it is...
  • How To Set Up a Snare Drum

    If you are a drummer or are planning to be one, you need to know how to set up your own snare drum. The snare drum is the smallest piece that provides most of the...
  • How To Set Up a Snare Drum Stand

    For most people, the drummer sets the pace of the entire band and in some cases, are considered to play a central role in the band. Not to mention that most of the...
  • How To Make Stained Glass Mosaic Art

    Stained glass mosaic has been an art form dating back several centuries ago. The history of stained glass art is very complex, from Byzantine times to Egyptian...
  • How To Sell Your Vinyl Record Collection

    In an age where digital music files and portable media players predominate today’s world, most people still have their old vinyl LPs sitting somewhere in a storeroom...
  • How To Read Sharps, Flats and Naturals in Sheet Music

    Flats, sharps, and naturals are accidentals applied to any particular note that fall within a measure on the music sheet. You may also find them located at the...
  • How To Remove Oil Paint from Canvas

    Oil paints are popular because they are durable. What if you make a mistake? Here are some steps to help you remove oil paint from your canvas.
  • How To Replace Bass Pickups

    If you are a musician, you know for a fact that continuity in the search for an improved sound is always a must. Never settling for an average sound and always finding...
  • How To Register a Screenplay with the WGA Registry

    In order to protect your rights as a screenplay writer, you should take these steps to register your screenplay with the WGA registry.
  • How To Promote Comedy Shows

    Comedians have honed their craft close to perfection because this will also correlate on how long they can last on their respective careers. However, great promotional...
  • How To Learn Ballet Dancing

    If you would like to learn ballet dancing, a few tips on finding a ballet school and pursuing your ballet training can help.
  • How To Submit Manuscripts to Publishers

    If you think your manuscript is ready for the publishers, follow these guidelines on how to format and submit manuscripts.
  • How To Make Your Own Stage Props

    Stage props are an essential part of the magic of theater, and at little expense in time or money you can make your own props.
  • How To Learn West Coast Swing Dancing

    West Coast Swing Dancing begins with the sugar push and carries on into all sorts of fun dance steps for beginning and advanced dancers.
  • How To Make Picture Frame Ornaments Using Plastic Lids

    Here's a project that re-uses, recycles and can get the kids involved! Learn how to make picture frames from used plastic lids.
  • How To Read Music – A Beginner’s Primers

    Music is the art of producing sounds in rhythmic patterns. It’s a bonus and a big help if you know how to read notes. By learning how to read notes, you will learn...
  • How To Read Iron Man Comics Online

    Marvel comic books have different heroes. One of which is Iron man. Iron Man is a superhero created by the famous comic writer, Stan Lee. He first appeared in comic...
  • How To Read Accordion Sheet Music

    The Accordion, which is not considered by many as one of the mainstream wind instruments, may require you to have a thorough understanding of it and of musical...
  • How To Transpose Music

    In order to change instruments or match a singer's range, you need to learn to transpose music and musical notes.
  • How To Publish a Christian Children's Book

    As a writer, you want to communicate your thoughts to a certain group of readers – adults or children, sci-fi fanatics or hopeless romantics – to inspire,...
  • How To Write a Jingle

    A jingle can be the most effective advertising tool you can invest in, if the jingle is written effectively. It's trickier than the tunes themselves.
  • How To Do Cursive Writing

    Cursive writing is an increasingly lost art, but no handwriting is as attractive or efficient if you learn cursive.
  • How To Paint Water with Acrylics

    Capturing the beauty of water takes skill, but with practice and dedication, you will start to develop the proper techniques to paint it. When painting water, you have...
  • How To Paint Modern Acrylic Landscapes

    Oil paint, while beautiful and vibrant takes a long time to dry. Can you imagine the patience of Renaissance painters as they waited weeks for their masterpieces to...
  • How To Paint Monkey Mask: Art for Children

    Painting monkey masks is a fun and easy art activity that is great for kids. It engages kids and opens the world of art and expression to them. It also hones their...
  • How To Paint Ocean Scenes with Watercolors

    The best gift you can give is something you worked on yourself. Gifts that are handmade are always much more remembered not because of the quality of the final...
  • How To Price a Star Wars Action Figure

    True enough, the fandom of the American epic space opera franchise that began in 1977 grows larger and larger these days. After several Star Wars movies, collecting...
  • How To Write Cancellation Letters

    Writing a graceful but effective cancellation letter requires care but is essential to maintaining professional contacts and legal rights.
  • How To Paint in Mixed Media

    Mixed media in painting using watercolor with acrylic or painting with pastels and charcoal. Follow the tips on how to do this successfully.
  • How To Meet Taylor Lautner

    So you want to meet and greet Taylor Lautner from Twilight? Get an autograph? It’s going to be great challenge, but here are some tips to help.
  • How To Oil Trumpet Valves

    There are three valves on a trumpet which gives all the notes on the scale. Oiling the valves once a week will keep your trumpet working well.
  • How To Make Fish Carvings Using Wood Burning for Pyrography

    Here are tips on getting started with pyrography - the burning of decorative patterns onto wood. Create a fish or other design with these basic steps.
  • How To Print an Embroidery Pattern on Fabric

    There are basically two ways on how people embroider: one is by free hand, and the other is by having a pattern printed on fabric. For those embroiderers who are...
  • How To Make Drum Pads

    Here's how to make drum pads which are great for minimizing loud drum sounds. Follow these instructions and keep the neighbors happy!
  • How To Make Music Cards for the Plucked Psaltery

    Anyone can play the plucked psaltery with properly made music cards that show you which strings to play.
  • How To Paint a Sky Using Acrylics

    If you are painting with acrylics, try these painting tips to get the right look for a sky in acrylics.
  • How To Paint a Silhouette

    Follow these painting tips to learn how to paint a silhouette and capture a profile in striking style.
  • How To Paint a Portrait of Jazz Musician Gerry Mulligan

    You can bring jazz great Gerry Mulligan to life with these tips on how to paint a portrait of Mulligan and bring the jazz musician to life.
  • How To Mix Procion MX Fabric Dyes

    The Procion MX fabric dye is a kind of fiber reactive dye which is known world-wide for its versatility. A Procion mix can almost blur vision because of its...
  • How To Measure the Size of a Conga Drum

    Do you need to know the sizes of conga drums, to determine sound? Find tips for measuring congas. Here’s how to measure the size of a conga drum.
  • How To Paint like Jackson Pollock

    Paul Jackson Pollock is famous for his abstract paintings and his drip technique. Instead of the usual way of painting on a canvas, which is positioned in front of the...
  • How To Make Pretend Food

    Pretend food or sometimes called fake food, are food replicas made from art materials or anything that can be recycled like scraps or papers. They are used in stores,...