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  • How To Sketch a Horse

    Learn how to draw a horse that looks like the real thing!
  • How To Make Valentine's Cards

    Nothing shows your love like a homemade Valentine's Day card.
  • How To Know Types of Indian Musical Instruments

    Here's how to learn some of the most popular types of Indian musical instruments that are available in stores.
  • How To Find Used Music Books

    Here's how to access online sites where you can buy used music books, used sheet music, instruments, and music tracks at discounted prices.
  • How To Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle

    Freestyle rap battles are gaining popularity. The rapper that delivers most effectively, has better lyrics, and gets the most positive response from the crowd wins.
  • How To Make Origami Weapons

    Making origami weapons can be a stress release, an excellent party decoration for children’s parties or other celebrations, and props for a school play or any...
  • How To Know Popular Dance Styles

    Here's how to learn about some of the most popular dance styles, such as the Tango. This dance epitomizes the elegance and glamour of high society.
  • How To Get Your Child Interested In Entering Writing Contests

    Whether for the prize, fame or experience, winning a writing contest can take you places. Here are some ways to get your child interested in entering writing contests.
  • How To Have Good English Writing Skills

    There are many ways to get good English grammar and writing skills. Here are some tips on how to develop good English writing.
  • How To Pick Songs for a Karaoke Contest

    If you want to try your luck with karaoke and give it your best shot, here are some tips on picking the best song that can get you that prize and fame.
  • How To Find Online Karaoke Contests

    For those who like singing, are professional singers, or simply enjoy joining singing contests, here's how to find online karaoke contests.
  • How To Find Singing Lesson Software for Beginners

    If you don't have the time or inclination to study with a singing teacher, here's how to find software that can provide singing lessons.
  • Find Vocal Coaches in Baltimore

    Find vocal coaches in Baltimore by searching on the Internet with the phrase vocal coaches in Baltimore, classified ads, directories, or asking others.
  • How To Find Free Singing Lessons

    If you want to improve your singing voice, the best thing to do is to take singing lessons. Here's how to get lessons for free.
  • How To Play an Electric Guitar

    People decide to play the guitar for many different reasons. Whatever your motivation is, this article will show you how to play the electric guitar.
  • How To Find Reviews and Prices of Electric Guitar Models

    Before you purchase a new instrument, it’s a good idea to check out the market. Here is how to find various guitar reviews and price guides.
  • Different Types of Book Covers

    Ancient book covers depicted cultures and were made from leather, gold, silver, wood or jewels. Today's covers are sometimes made from foils or holograms.
  • How To Prepare for your First Dance Performance

    Performing your dance routine perfectly in front of an audience will really take more than an ounce of preparation.
  • How To Give an Impromptu Speech

    There comes a time in any person’s life when he’ll have to give an impromptu speech. Here’s some advice on how to give a good impromptu speech.
  • How To Understand the Importance of Dance

    Dance has its place in the history of celebration of significant events. Here's how to learn more about the importance of dance.
  • How To Learn Ballet

    Ballet can be learned through classes, watching DVD's, or books that have pictures for demonstration. First you need to buy ballet shoes, preferably leather.
  • How To Know the Best Holiday Movies

    Here's how to get to know some of the most charming and best-loved holiday movies.
  • How To Read Guitar Tabs

    If you've ever tried to play the guitar, you were probably confused by the code-like look of guitar tabs. Lines, black dots, letters, numbers - what do they all mean?...
  • How To Get Gossip on Pamela Anderson

    You can get your Pamela Anderson gossip fix from fans like yourself. Here are more tips on how to get the Pammie goss.
  • How To Compose a Narrative Essay

    Narrative essays often convey a story. Compose a narrative essay by following the structure of a typical story, with a beginning, a conflict, a climax and a resolution.
  • How To Use a Dash in Writing

    The dash (–) in writing is probably one of the trickier punctuation marks to use. Dashes are used to provide a pause when reading or to emphasize another thought.
  • How To Make Hand Shadow Puppets

    Hand shadow puppets are challenging to make, since your hand and fingers should be flexible to achieve a recognizable form.
  • How To Make Speeches Persuasive

    Making a speech is easy. Making speeches that are persuasive is a different thing altogether. Here are some things you can do to make a speech influence an audience.
  • How To Write Good Business Letters

    There is value in writing good business letters, which can help establish a company's credibility and professionalism.
  • Making Musical Instruments from Junk: Kids' Musical Instruments

    Encouraging your child to create musical instruments from junk is a great way to help them learn how they work and why they sound the way they do. You give him/her the...
  • How To Choose a Cookbook Publisher

    You've put great effort into writing your own collection of excellent recipes. Let us offer some suggestions on cookbook publisher.
  • How To Do Cheerleading Dance Moves

    Dancing is one routine that cheerleaders do aside from stunts. Read this article to learn how to do cheerleading dance moves.
  • How To Perform Basic Cheerleading Stunts

    Learn about the different positions in cheerleading and then learn the steps needed such as the L Stand and the Thigh Stand to perform basic cheerleading stunts.
  • How To Get Started in Competitive Ballroom Dancing

    Ballroom dancing used to be seen as simply a social activity. During classic times, parties meant dancing at the ballroom. Today, though, ballroom dancing has evolved...
  • How To Dance the Cha Cha

    While some of us have been blessed with the ability to easily adapt to dance steps with grace and flow, there are still those who cower at the idea of dancing. If...
  • How To Dance Hip Hop Style

    Hip hop dance is considered a contemporary dance as it was developed only in the 1980s. A hip hop dance is not complete without the baggy attire (oversized shirt and...
  • How Movies Can Make You Smarter

    People think of movies as a source of entertainment, but there is more to watching movies than being entertained. With the changing playing field in global business...
  • How To Stipple

    The art of stippling is a kind of technique used for various purposes. The stippling technique is almost the same as pointillism when it comes to drawing. This...
  • How To Make a Basecoat for Folk Art Painting

    The beauty of folk art is that it is not limited to painting on canvas. Many beautiful pieces of folk art are painted on wood and they reflect the artistry and...
  • How To Transfer a Pattern for Painting

    If you’re redecorating a child's room, one great idea is to paint the walls with characters from his favorite books or movies. You can do it yourself!
  • How To Paint a Plaid on a Craft Piece

    Plaid is in! At least that's what the fashion enthusiasts are telling us. You can find plaid imprinted on anything wearable these days—dresses, bangles, caps, bags,...
  • How To Create a Pilot Episode that Will Get Picked Up by a Network

    Before a series of episodes is shown, a pilot episode or first test episode is first presented to the network producers. This way, they would get a grasp of the whole...
  • How To Play a Harmonica

    Knowing how to play the harmonica is a rewarding experience because there are a range of music genres you could play the instrument in. Playing the harmonica even...
  • Tips for Beginning Actors

    Acting is a great hobby. A lot of people look for audition opportunities at their community theater. Most cities of any size have from one to five community theaters...
  • Ballet Dancing Tips for Beginners

    Ballet dancing doesn't have to be as hard as it looks. You can follow a few basic tips to make ballet dancing a little easier for you. Ballet dancers are fit and...
  • How To Fold an Origami Lotus Flower

    If up to now, the only origami you know is folding paper cranes, it's time to step up your knowledge of this Japanese art.
  • How To Fold an Origami Box with a Lid

    Thanks to ancient Japanese ingenuity. Origami or the art of paper folding has added spice to gift-wrapping ideas.
  • How To Move your Shoulders in Belly Dancing

    Did you know that belly dancing is being taught by the mothers to their daughters to have an easy childbirth?
  • Writing a Movie Review

    Writing a movie review is not hard to do, because everyone these days has opinion about everything; but writing a sensational movie review takes time and work on the...
  • How To Attend an Indie Rock Concert

    If you've been invited to an Indie rock concert but you've got no clue what you're in for, you're not alone. Follow these tips on how to attend an Indie rock concert...