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  • How To Write a Book in 10 Days

    If you are a writer, but you've never dared to challenge yourself to write a book, whether fiction or nonfiction, here's a method for writing a book in 10 days.
  • How To Write a Non-Fiction Book Review

    The following tips can help you write a clear, effective, and interesting non-fiction book review.
  • How To Write a Recipe Book

    You don't have to be Julia Child to write your own recipe book. Try out these ideas to organize a recipe book to share with family or the world.
  • How To Write an Actor's Biography

    If the production budget is tight, an actor can write his own bio, using some to the tips outlined below.
  • How To Add Custom Paint Designs to Acoustic Guitars

    Here are some tips on how to add custom paint design on your acoustic guitar - your guitar will be as individual as you are.
  • How To Write a Fan Letter

    Get in touch with you favorite movie star, TV star, or athlete in your favorite sport with these tips to write a fan letter.
  • How To Identify Japanese Fender Guitars

    Fender guitars are made in Japan and have equal to or better quality than the American or Mexican versions. Learn to identify this type of guitar.
  • How To Write a Screenplay Synopsis

    A screenplay synopsis is a short description of the characters, plot and other key elements found in the script. Learn to write a screenplay synopsis.
  • How To Improve Singing Training at Home

    In addition to your singing lessons or on your own you can develop a singing training routine at home to develop your voice and vocal control.
  • How To Use Frisket Film

    If you are a novice artist using frisket film for the first time, then here some simple steps on how to apply it to your artwork.
  • How To Use a Scrim

    A scrim is an essential tool of theater design and can be used to create tremendous effects if you know how to use a scrim properly.
  • How To Transfer a Sketch to a Wall Mural

    So you've seen the perfect design for your child's bedroom wall but it is on paper, right? Here are tips on how to transfer a sketch to a wall mural.
  • How To Stain Paper with Tea Bags

    Learn how to engage your children in a fun art project using tea bags and paper. The end result will have a beautiful antique look.
  • How To Get Your Short Story Published

    Get your short story published in magazines, contests, books, and journals by following these short story publishing guidelines.
  • How To Fill Out an "SR" Copyright Application Form

    Here's how to fill up an SR copyright application form; it is important for serious musicians as it protects them from someone else stealing their work.
  • How To Find eTextbooks

    Here are some tips on how to find etextbooks - they are better for the environment, convenient to access and usually cheaper than a real book.
  • How To Find Architectural Drawings

    Here are some search tools on how to find architectural drawings.
  • How To Find Acting Agencies

    Finding a good acting agency is very crucial as acting agencies can make or break your budding acting career.
  • How To Select Stone Carving Tools

    Carving is an art that requires not only patience and skill, but also proper tools. If you are planning on carving, here are ways to select stone carving tools.
  • How To Find Angles Using a Protractor

    Here are two detailed sets of instructions on how you can effectively find angles using a protractor.
  • How To Restore an Old Book

    The value of an old book will go higher if it is properly restored to its original condition. The following steps will teach you how to restore an old book.
  • How To Etch Glass with a Dremel Tool

    Using a Dremel tool to etch glass is one way of turning dull and plain looking glass items into beautiful and attractive pieces of art.
  • How To Cut Free Printable Stencils

    For people who love crafts and arts, printable stencils are one way to create unique or custom designs without necessarily having to look for stencils at the crafts...
  • How To Donate Books to Soldiers and Veterans

    It is quite easy to donate books to soldiers and veterans groups as a way to say thank you for their service. Here’s how.
  • How To Draw Japanese Cartoons

    Japanese art is vividly distinguished in its cartoons, commonly called anime and manga. A few pointers will help you to draw Japanese cartoons of your own.
  • How To Draw Anime Weapons

    If you have an inclination for drawing anime characters, then it might be helpful to learn how to draw anime weapons.
  • How To Draw Anime Humans

    As you may have noticed, two of the most outstanding features of anime humans are the eyes and hair. Here are some tips to help you sketch out these features.
  • How To Draw Anime Guys

    The most important part to note is the face in drawing the anime guy. There are details that are common to almost all anime guys.
  • How To Draw Camouflage

    Aside from the various gear made with camouflage, this pattern has also caught the attention of artists. The following are simple steps on how to draw camouflage.
  • How To Record Great Rap Vocals

    Recording rap vocals requires good recording equipment, as the rapper's voice is the major component of rap music. Some tips on how to record great rap vocals.
  • How To Promote a Self-Published Book

    Promoting a self-published book is more challenging than a book from established publishers. Here are ways to make it easier to promote your self-published book.
  • How To Put an Airbrush Together

    An airbrush has become an important tool for artists and modelers. Follow these instructions to help you put your airbrush together.
  • How To Read a Script for Acting Auditions

    For first time actors on their first acting auditions, here are some tips on how to read the script.
  • How To Put Photos on Canvas for Wall Art

    Aside from paintings and other wall decorations, photos on canvas make a great addition to wall art. They easy to put together and relatively inexpensive.
  • How To Publish a White Paper

    If you're looking to publish a white paper, here are some tips to help you out.
  • How To Crinkle Tie Dye a Shirt

    Tie dye shirts are actually easy to make. You don’t need to be an expert with drawing or creating patterns, just the crinkle tie dye technique and a shirt.
  • What are Organic Shapes

    Organic shapes are used in art, gardening and landscaping, among other areas. Here are some basic facts about organic shapes.
  • How To Create an Imaginary Map

    An imaginary map is a great starting point for letting your imagination go wild. With the map, you can start creating stories and personalities to inhabit the map.
  • How To Dance with a Girl at a Party

    It’s kind of tricky, as girls are naturally hard to read, but here’s a general guideline on how to make a girl dance with you at a party.
  • How To Create Bark Art

    With some creativity and a lot of imagination, anyone can apply paint on tree bark to create a fabulous and rustic piece of bark art.
  • How To Dance in High Heels

    There are some things you can do to comfortably dance in high heels. Here are some tips to make the dance floor bearable.
  • How To Copyright Original Writing

    Getting a copyright on your original writing will help protect you from infringements by other individuals or entities.
  • How To Create Effects in Watercolor Painting

    If you would like to experiment with watercolor painting to give your finished piece a different look, here are some ways you can create effects in watercolor painting.
  • How To Play Arpeggios on Piano

    If a pianist can create the cascading music of arpeggios, everyone will listen to you in awe. However, beautiful arpeggios on the piano are no mystery at all.
  • How To Prepare Glass for Painting

    Glass has a very smooth surface that does not allow paint and other liquids to adhere to it. You need to prepare the surface before painting.
  • How To Position the Snare Drum in a Drum Set

    The snare drum is one of the important parts of a drum set. If this piece is not in the proper position, the snare drum might not serve its full purpose.
  • How To Play a Bugle

    When beginning to play the bugle, you must hold the instrument in your right hand and place it parallel with the ground and precisely at mouth level.
  • How To Play a Dobro Guitar

    A dobro guitar belongs to the acoustic guitar family and makes a loud, resonating sound when played. Here’s how to play a dobro guitar.
  • How To Create a Mockup of a Children’s Book

    If you have written a story for children and you want to send it to a publisher, you will need to learn how to create a mockup for a children’s book.
  • How To Create a Tall Dining Room Floral Arrangement

    Making your own dining table centerpiece is both rewarding and inspirational. Let us take a look at how you can make a tall dining room floral arrangement.