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  • How To Audition for Broadway

    These steps will help aspiring actors like you know what to do in auditioning for Broadway.
  • How To Make Money Recording Books on Tape

    Also known as audio books, recording books on tape has become popular nowadays, especially when iPods and Mp3 players have sprouted all over the place.
  • How To Make a Realistic Flame Effect

    Here are ways for you to create your own realistic flame effect without making heat or igniting a fire.
  • How To Blend Chalk Pastels with Water

    Not to be confused with oil pastels, chalk pastels are more workable in the sense that they easily mix with water.
  • How To Be an Excellent Dancer

    Performing can give you a kind of high that is fulfilling emotionally and physically. Here are some tips you should follow on your road to becoming a great dancer.
  • How To Make Party Confetti

    Guests will be asking where you bought the party confetti, and once they realize that you made it your self they will have you telling them how you did it.
  • How To Find Discounted Wine Spectator Subscriptions

    Wine Spectator is published 15 times a year, with an estimated circulation of over 450,000 and a readership of about 2.5 million.
  • How To Start 3D Cartoon Drawing

    3D Cartoon Drawing, or perspective drawing, requires not only artistic skills but also a good understanding of the technicalities that go with it.
  • How To Make Decoupage Magnets

    Although decoupage does not always look good on all types of items that can be decorated, magnets for the fridge look especially good when decorated with decoupage.
  • How To Make Grass Skirts

    One aspect of the hula dance that never fails to catch attention is the grass skirt. You can devise your own grass skirt by following this procedure.
  • How To Make a Film Trailer

    The purpose of film trailers is for marketing, more than entertainment. Below are some salient points to consider when creating a fantastic film trailer.
  • How To Make a Vacation Brochure

    If you’re the owner of a vacation spot and you would want to attract more customers to your area, one of the best things you could do is to make a vacation brochure.
  • How To Make Beer Coasters into Art

    Collecting beer coasters has become very popular. Here are ways to make art out of your beer coasters.
  • How To Make a Volcano

    The volcano is an excellent way of demonstrating the chemical reactions that take place when an acid is combined with a base substance.
  • How To Make DVD Covers

    Once your DVD movie is finished, the final step is to create the DVD covers. Here’s how.
  • How To Find the Right Solid Body Guitar

    The solid body guitar is one of the best options when it comes to the instruments you can use for expressing yourself through music.
  • How To Mail a Letter

    Mailing a letter is a bit more complicated than sending e-mail. It involves knowing the proper mailing format and the right places where to send the mail.
  • How To Make an Action Movie Chase Scene

    Shooting an action movie chase scene is not as hard as you think. All you need is preparation.
  • How To Utilize Resources for Writing Books

    Improvement is the key to becoming good at what you do, especially when you are writing books or becoming an author, where you are only as good as your last work.
  • How To Build an Acoustic Bass Guitar

    This article teaches you everything you will ever need to know to build your very own bass guitar.
  • How To Make a Xylophone Wind Chime

    You can make your very own unique xylophone wind chime from an old xylophone or even from a xylophone toy.
  • How To Make Money from Writing Books

    You too can make money from writing books, but you need to be realistic. Not every book leads to a pot of gold, and it need not.
  • How To View Trailers for the Latest Videos in Theaters

    Today, there are a gazillion ways you can view trailers for the latest videos or movies that you want to see.
  • How To Make a Low Budget Horror Film

    For starters as an aspiring film producer, you may have to go low budget. If this is the case, here are the steps on how to make a low budget horror film.
  • How To Download a TV Show's Opening Theme Song

    Sometimes your favorite television show has the most memorable opening theme song. You may want to download it to your iPod or laptop to play each time you want.
  • How To Listen to New Music

    Finding new music to listen to can be difficult. The choices are many, and for a lot of people, this is paralyzing. Here are the steps so that you can listen to new...
  • How To Make a Bronze Statue

    There are basically three ways of a bronze statue. These methods vary in the degree of difficulty, the amount of work involved, and the practical purposes that they...
  • How To Create a News Blog

    Whether you are an industry insider, an analyst, or a professional in your chosen field, you can create a news blog that provides up to date news about your own issues.
  • How To Approach Cold Reading Acting Auditions

    It is now your turn. You have calmed down and collected your thoughts. Now, remember several pointers to observe when doing a cold reading for an acting audition.
  • How To Attribute Quotes for an Article

    Forgetting to attribute quotes can lead to serious legal problems. Make sure that you know how to attribute a quote before using them in your article.
  • How To Audition for a Broadway Show for Singers

    Many people have dreamed of Broadway since childhood. If you are one of those who aspire to be Broadway stars, then you should know how to nail an audition.
  • How To Audition for a Choir

    Since a lot of people don’t know much about how to audition for a choir, here are some of the steps that can help you know what to do and how to prepare.
  • How To Audition for the First Time in Hollywood

    If you want to be an actor in Hollywood, you will first have to know how to audition. An audition is crucial to getting jobs in Hollywood.
  • How To Use a Phase Shifter Pedal When Playing Guitar

    Phase shifter pedals, or phasers for short, transform audio signals coming from the guitar into specific types of sounds according to a program.
  • How To Write a Classification Essay

    A classification essay presents an idea or topic by sorting it into categories. Such categories should have a logical connection to each other and must support the...
  • How To Learn About Painting Pictures

    Do you aspire to paint something exhibit-worthy? Try these suggestions if you want to know how to learn about painting pictures but are intimidated to enroll in an art...
  • How To Find Art Activities for Seniors

    Seniors, with their creative juices properly channeled, can really derive much fulfillment from art activities that tickle their fancy and allow them to be at their best.
  • How To Learn About Famous Pastel Drawing Artists

    These are some of the gifted ones who changed the way the pastel drawing was viewed, not just in France, Europe, and America, but in most parts of the world.
  • How To Buy Sculpture Supplies Online

    The chisel is perhaps the most recognized sculpting supply, but there are many other sculpture supplies that are available, and you can buy them online.
  • How To Locate Gay Bars in Glasgow

    Glasgow is an ideal city for nightlife. Men and women alike have plenty of choices, and a number of gay bars are found in Glasgow, especially in the eastern part of...
  • How To Locate Spanish Greeting Cards

    None of the local stores carry a Spanish greeting card. Do not give up and settle for less. Here are some of the ways for you to locate Spanish greeting cards.
  • How To Use a Protective Cover for Your Artwork

    It’s recommended that you use a protective cover for your artwork, to lessen the risks of it being exposed to harmful elements. What are some of your options?
  • How To Create an Event Program for a School Concert

    It is up to you how you want your event program to look, as long as you include all the necessary details about the school concert that the audience needs to know.
  • How To Make a Pop-Up Birthday Card

    All you will need are some basic supplies and to put on your creative hat, and you can begin following these simple steps to make your very own pop-up birthday card!
  • How To Arrange Artwork Before Hanging It

    You can do justice to the beauty of your collected artwork by taking effort in its arrangement.
  • How To Make a Birthday Card

    Once you finish this personalized birthday card and give it to the person, you will experience true happiness by making another person happy on his birthday.
  • How To Make a Tissue Paper Flower

    Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and beautiful at the same time. You can use these as party decorations or as home decorations.
  • How To Listen to Music with Your PSP

    Playing games and using the PSP as a portable image viewer or video player is not the only thing you can do with your Sony PSP. With Sony PSP, you can also listen to...
  • How To Buy Used Books on eBay

    If you’re relatively new to the online buying scene, here are some tips and pointers for buying used books on eBay.
  • How To Write Inspirational Stories

    Writing inspirational stories can be easy. Anyone can do it! It is a rewarding way to share your stories with people who will surely appreciate what you have to say.