Ballet Dancing Tips for Beginners

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Ballet dancing doesn't have to be as hard as it looks. You can follow a few basic tips to make ballet dancing a little easier for you. Ballet dancers are fit and energetic because ballet is a great exercise. When you dance you use every single muscle that you have and some muscles that you didn't know you had. So if you don't like to exercise, then you may not like ballet dancing very much.

  • Stretching Stretching is the most important thing when you start ballet dancing. It's especially important for beginners because you don't know what your body needs right now. That doesn't mean a pro shouldn't stretch, because if they didn't, they wouldn't be a pro right now. Without stretching you will pull something, fracture something or even break something. You should begin each session with a good stretch. It should include stretching every part of your body. When you're done with you session of ballet, you should end with soft stretches as well. You should stretch every day even if you won't be doing ballet that day.
  • Barre If you are able to, install a bare in your home. This is the best way to learn ballet dances and it's great to warm up on. When you're doing your stretches, you will have to use a bare. So if you can install one in your home you will be able to practice at home as well as in a ballet class.
  • Slow As a beginner learning how to do ballet, you should know to take things slow. You won't become the best overnight and you shouldn't try. When you start off doing ballet you will not be as strong as you should be. This is normal. In the beginning you will be learning the basics which prepare your body for these new moves. You have to gain strength in areas that you never had to before. So give yourself plenty of time to learn things and to prepare your body for this dance.
  • Professional Instructor Pay attention to all the instructors out there claiming they know how to teach ballet. Ask around before you join a class. If you join a class with an instructor who doesn't know a lot about being a ballet dancer, you could end up hurt or something worse. Anyone can learn the basic ballet dancing moves. An instructor who has accomplished a lot in their career is what you need to look for. So ask them what their accomplishments are and then check out their story.

Doing a little footwork in the beginning can save you a lot of time, effort and money.


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