How To Do Basic Hip Hop Dance Moves

Hip hop dance moves are part of the hip hop culture in the United States, which started in the late 1900s. A rapper named Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins first coined the term "hip hop." The moves are danced particularly with hip hop music. The dance style associated with hip hop is breaking. Hip hop dancing is said to be the most misunderstood type of dance, probably because it started in the streets. But now, it isn't that way anymore. Hip hop dancing had already left a legacy to each generation and continues to do so.

Dancers of hip hop describe their style as expressive and innovative. You internalize the music and let it move your body. There are no right or wrong steps. Once you are familiar with some basic moves that hip hop dancers usually use, you can develop it into your own style. Here are some basic hip hop dance moves that you can learn easily.

  1. Slip and Slide - From a standing position, move your right foot out and back. Raise your hand to however it makes you comfortable. Lean to the left to maintain balance. Pull back your right foot to standing position as you lay your hands at your side. Do the step again, now with your left foot. Dress up the move according to your style.
  2. Kick Ball Change - From an upright, feet together position, kick with your right foot then bring it to the former pose. Step to the right placing your weight into the right foot. Pick your left foot up then step sideways, shifting your weight to the left foot.
  3. Crip Walk - From a standing position with feet shoulder-length apart, place your left heel in-line with you right toes. Pick the ball of your left foot up a little from the floor. Move it sideways to the left then return it to the front while your left heel still touches the floor. Move your right leg behind your left simultaneously when you step your left foot sideways. Go back to the starting position of your right leg when you place your left foot back to the front.
  4. Walk It Out - This one is easy. Just twist you legs to the left and right. The same thing you do when dancing boogie but keep your heels off the ground. Coordinate with arm movements. You can sway your hands up or in different directions.
  5. The Salute - Stand up with feet together. Look to your right and hold your arms up to shoulder height making your arms point to the right also (left arm folded and pointing to the right). Look toward the opposite direction moving your arms to point to the left too. Step forward with your right leg, bending your knees little. Move your right arm to your front making an "L shape" with your right arm and right shoulder. Put your left hand under the right elbow. Go back to the upright position and face to the left. Push your right palm to the front when you turn while bending your left arm at shoulder height. Look back to the opposite direction of your right palm.

You will learn better if you enroll in hip hop dance classes. Dance teachers can show you the steps. If budget is constrained, YouTube offers free dance videos for you to learn from.


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