How To Play Beauty Salon and Dress up Games Online

Check out Some of These Online Games for Girls

You may have always had a secret desire to be a hair stylist or a make up artist or you may just want a fun, relaxing way to de-stress from the pressures of work. After all, what could be more fun than being able to experiment with different colors and beauty treatments?

Many online hair salon games are available for free without needing to be downloaded. You can have access to game trials, but you also have the option to purchase the full versions of these games at around $8 per game. Here are just some of the available versions:

1.    Dress Up Games for Girls. 

Dress Up Games for Girls supplies a wide variety of games including nail salon, makeover and online dress up (such as wedding, celebrity and fantasy). These games are very easy to play. All you have to do is just click on a particular game that you want (there are screenshots to help you decide), wait for the program to load, and then just play! These games will generally have a make up-less cartoon drawing of a girl's face , and you just make her up with different eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and even eye and hair colors. Some of the instructions are in Korean, but it’s easy enough to manipulate without having to read them.
You can access these games at

2.    My Games for Girls.

This website works similarly to Dress Up Games for Girls. You're shown links to different makeover games and you just have to click on the particular one you like. One unique feature is that there are short descriptions of the cartoon drawings to be made up. These descriptions give them more character and may make the game more enjoyable for you. There are also some versions where you can make over a boy; furniture and equipment versions where you can redecorate a home; and other games that deal with natural beauty supplies.

You can access these games at

3.    Belle’s Beauty Boutique.

This game is different from the ones previously mentioned. Belle’s Beauty Boutique is more about managing a beauty spa than putting on make up. It works this way: Customers come into the salon requesting different services such as a haircut, hair styling, and manicure. You should accommodate the requests of these customers speedily, by putting them on the appropriate chair where they will get their requested services. It becomes trickier as more and more customers come in and request services one after the other.

A free trial version is available online, but you can opt to purchase the full version. You can access this at

4.    Marapets.

At Marapets, you will be able to create and take care of a pet, explore the world of “Marada,” earn money and credits and trade in different items and supplies. To satisfy your inner fashionista, you can have your pet visit “Lowlyhood,” which has a tanning salon, where your pet would be able to change his skin color, a clothing rack, and a wig shop. To access this virtual world, you’ll have to create an account (this process is free) by entering your email address and birthdate. It may take some time to gain familiarity with this system since it has a world of features.

You can access marapets at

These are just four of the many varieties available online. You’ll be sure to spend a lot of time just enjoying the features that these games for girls have to offer. The best thing is that they are usually very simple to do, so they’re the perfect games to relax and de-stress with. Enjoy!


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