How To Become a Sketch Artist

Girl as sketch artist

If you have a passion for art and love to draw things that catch your eye, then being a sketch artist is for you. This process is made simpler with some of the tips discussed below. 

The essential tools for being a sketch artist are a sturdy sketchbook, a drawing board and paper - if you prefer this to a sketch book - a set of good pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a sharp eye. When picking the medium in which you'd like to sketch, pencils are recommended for beginners because of their cleaner nature, easier manipulation, and portability. You can also sketch with charcoal or pastels, but these require a special set of skills that can be picked up as you advance with practice.

When you go anywhere, take your sketchbook and supplies, find a good place to sit, and then look around. There are a ton of subjects all around you: people, buildings, animals, cars, and so on. These are things that you will begin to learn to capture. Look with your eyes for basic shapes that things are made of, such as squares, circles, ovals, triangles and rectangles. This will help you to construct your drawings by first loosely drawing out the basic shapes that you see in your chosen object.

Once you have sketched in the shapes, then you can look for shadows that help define the form of the character. You want to work from the big picture down to the details. Laying in the details last is made easier by the forms already on the page from the basic shapes that were drawn first. Keep working the lines and form until you have the overall idea, and then begin to add details. Use a variety of lines: thin, thick, broken, and the like, to give your sketch interest. This can be done quickly for a moving subject, or over a period of time for a stationary object.

If you want more training, local and online universities and arts centers offer classes on basic drawing, and you can find books at your local book store that will give you more guidance in improving your drawing skills. The main idea is to practice, and not to get discouraged if your drawings are not quite what you want at first. Ease of sketching comes with experience, so start by using the tips discussed above, practice, take classes, and before you know it you will be sketching with skill.


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