How To Find the Best Ballet Dance Schools

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There are a lot of ballet dance schools around the world but only a few of them are considered the best. A lot of dancers who want to enter the best schools work out for years only to get rejected when they apply. This is because the best dance schools only accept a few applicants and those applicants must have exceptional dance skills in order to be accepted. The best dance schools accept the best dancers.

When there are auditions or try-outs for a dance school, what they are usually looking for is the form of the dancer, the dance skills and the uniqueness of the person. They rarely accept dancers who may have exceptional dance skills but are the same as everyone else. That is the reason a dance school may be considered the best in the country or in the world.

Here are some of the best ballet dance schools:

  1. Houston Ballet. This ballet dance school has been in business since 1955. They provide dance lessons for people ranging from 4 years old to 60 years old. The instructions that teach the ballet class come from prestigious dance companies from all over the world. Some of the classes that are included here hone the different skills in ballet dancing, such as the technique, pointe work, pas de deux, character dance and music. The students that enter the school are trained in order to give them the chance to pursue ballet dancing as a career.
  2. The School of American Ballet. This is considered on of the best ballet schools in the world. The School of American Ballet has been around since 1934. This school is best for those who want to take ballet dancing as a career and not as a hobby. The class instructors in this school are considered the best choreographers in the whole world. The ballet classes are available for people aged 8 to 18. There are also summer camp programs that are available for students who want to improve their ballet skills while on vacation.
  3. The Conservatory of Dance and Performing Arts. This dance school is focused on ballet but they also encourage their students to try and study different types of dances. The two main focuses of the dance company are discipline and art. They encourage their students to be creative individuals. The students are required to come on time and be in the proper dress wear. This includes ballet shoes or ballet slippers, leotards and a skirt. The hair must be neatly tied up. This dance school is located in California.
  4. The Julliard School. Julliard is considered one of the best dance schools in the world. The school caters to different forms of art, such as dance, drama and music. It has been in business for more or less a hundred years. Some of the best dancers in the world came from the Julliard School. There are different programs that you can apply in. You can apply for their summer program by sending in a DVD of yourself. Applicants who want to study in the school are required to perform before a committee of the school. The committee will then decide if the applicant’s skills are good enough for the school.

These are the best schools that provide ballet classes. The fees for each school may differ and they may also have different programs for dancers.


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