How To Burn Wii Games to Disc

Just when you thought your video gaming experience couldn’t get any better, along comes the Nintendo Wii with a new method of game play. Other game consoles are still figuring out how to keep up. With the new Nintendo Wii gaming console came cutting edge titles that will keep you playing for hours and enjoying the game for years. In the past we’ve seen our game discs go from pristine condition to scratched and damaged. Our options then being buy another copy of that favorite game, which may prove costly, or back it up by making a copy. The Nintendo Wii games are fairly new, but like all other original games they are copy protected, and for someone who is new to backing up game discs, the procedure could be quiet complicated in the beginning. The only objective of burning Wii games to disc in this article is to have a personal back up copy.

1. Get a mod chip for your game console.

You’ll only be able to play the backed copy of the game on a Wii system that has a mod chip installed on it. It enables the console to read burned copies of the game. There are a few out there for your Nintendo Wii, so read reviews and go on forums first before deciding on which one would be the best choice.

Once you have the mod chip, have it installed by someone who has knowledge of electronic circuitry and is skilled in soldering. If you feel you are qualified, then have a go at it, but remember to read instructions carefully and take your time, or else all you’ll have is a really nice door stop.

2. Install the right DVD-ROM and firmware.

You’ll need to find the right DVD-ROM to begin copying your game discs, because not all DVD-ROMs and firmware are able to make sense of the game data. Any DVD writer or burner will work for burning, but the reading part is different, for some reason reports have it that specific drive models manufactured by LG work the best for ripping purposes. The GDR-8082N and 8164B models have been confirmed to work. These specific models from different brands may work just as well.

3. Download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2 and Raw Dump 2.

You can download the .net framework 2.0 from Microsoft’s download page, but if you’re running the Vista OS then it is probably installed on your computer already. You can find free downloads of Raw Dump 2.0, which will help back up the game disc. The program might be zipped so you’ll need to extract it with WinZip or WinRar. Unzip the program and extract the folder to the desktop, you’ll get a folder called Rawdump.

4. Load Wii game disc and Start Dump.

Load the game disc in the DVD-ROM you acquired in step two. Activate the Rawdump.exe program found in the Rawdump folder on your desktop. Once the program is running, click the Start Dump option, it will take a few hours to process. After its done, find the processed file in the Rawdump.2.0 folder on your desktop, it will have the game’s name appended with .iso.

5. Burn the .iso file.

Use your burning software to burn the .iso image to a DVD Disc. Load a blank DVD disc into your DVD burner then activate your burning software, in this case we used Nero. Select Recorder then choose the Burn Image option, and a window will open where you will browse for the game’s .iso file. Once you’ve located it and selected it, you will be asked to configure your burning speed rate. Select a slow rate to avoid errors. Once it’s done, you can now use the back up copy on your Wii console with the mod chip.

Making a back up of your favorite Wii game will ensure that the original copy will last a long time.


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