How To Buy a State Flag

Each state in the United States has a different state flag that has a strong tie to the state's past, as well being a reminder of the values to each citizen of the state. While you won't really see a lot of state flags under usual circumstances, the day of the foundation of a state can be a great chance to display one's home state colors as proudly as the star spangled banner. Some state flags contain the state motto, the state flower or even the state animal.

The state flag is always flown in the state capital right next to the American flag, to show the relative autonomy of the state with respect to certain issues. Different areas of the United States have different policies, and the flag is a symbolism that affirms this level of variety in the state geography.

Buying a state flag can be a good way to rejuvenate one's sense of patriotism as well as one's pride in being a person from a home state. Here are some of the well known state flags that you may consider buying. It's better that you understand what the state flag means before flying it out your front porch.

The state of California is the most populous state in the United States. The flag features a red stripe, a star and a lone grizzly bear. The flag was first flown two centuries ago in a revolt against the way that Mexico was running the state. The words California Republic are also written below the bear.

Texas' flag is probably the most commonly seen United States flag due to the immense state pride that its locals have. There are two horizontal stripes that come in white and red. The white signifies purity while the red is for bravery. A lone horizontal blue stripe with a lone star runs along the left side of the flag to symbolize loyalty.

Other state flags would have their own design, and also a bit of history behind the choice of colors and symbols.

You can easily buy state flags online by using your favorite search engine to locate the nearest shop that would be carrying your state flags. It would be much easier to get your own state's flag if you are currently in your home state. It would be fairly unlikely that a shop in Connecticut would be stocking up on flags of South Dakota or Nebraska. If that would be your purpose, you would be better off ordering online and having it delivered to your doorstep.

Some examples of sites where you can purchase state flags are the following:

Aside from buying flags, you can also do research on the histories of each state, and other details like the state capitals, state mottos, and other historically-relevant facts and figures, to fully understand the concept behind each flag. This might be a fun activity, especially when you want to learn more about the country's rich history.


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