How To Buy Gun Building Kits

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Gun building kits should be affordable and easy to understand.  It is key to make sure that the instruction manual is written in your native language.  You don't want to end up buying a gun building kit that you do not know how to operate.  Companies who are known for their gun kits, such as Florida Gun Works, want you to specify exactly what type of gun you plan on building. They do this, in order to distinguish between their handgun kits and their AK-47 kits, for example.   You want to make sure you get the right kind of kit for the type of gun that you want to make.  If you end up with the wrong kind of kit, make sure you keep the receipt.

You can usually buy a good gun building kit at anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars.  I have even seen gun building kits sold at a farmer's market in Billings, Montana or at a garage sale in rural Missouri.  The biggest problem that you will likely have with gun building kits will not be the price, but will indeed be your ability to find one in some areas of the country.  If you live in some of your larger metropolitan areas, retailers may have been encouraged by gun control advocates simply not to sell these items.  Some of the retailers likely have been forced to give into the pressure against their better judgment.

Some National Rifle Association pamphlets include information on different places to buy something like a gun building kit. You can get certain items like this at a hunting lodge in Dover, New Hampshire.  The reason you can get a gun building there for such a cheap price is because the state of New Hampshire has no sales tax on most goods and services. Many of these hunting lodges will give out free items to repeat customers.  One of those items may very well be a gun building kit.  The hunting lodge is likely to give the gun building kit away for free to their most loyal customers in many situations.  The general price on them at a hunting lodge in New Hampshire is around thirty-five dollars.

Not only does the National Rifle Association preach about the importance of knowing how to use a gun building kit, they also care about the concept of gun safety in general.  Another group that promotes the idea of knowing how to safely and correctly build a gun would be the Eagle Forum.


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