How To Buy a Joystick for Your Flying Simulator

A flying simulator – be it in the form of a PC games simulator (such as a Real Flight RC games simulator), professional planes simulator or fighter simulator – isn't complete without a joystick for controls, and you only want the best to make sure you completely learn from and enjoy your flight experience. So if you're on the lookout for guidelines to buying a joystick for your flying simulator, here are some pointers that would help you out in your search:

  1. Consider models such as the Saitek X52, MS Precision Pro and Thrustmaster's T.Flight Stick X. X52 is regarded by users to be one of the best joysticks for different flight sim games. With its programmable controls, this joystick is all you'll need for controlling your flight, and you won't have to touch the keyboard anymore. Its high ergonomic design minimizes stress to your hands. Its chat software is great for online gaming. Its intelligent placing of the controls and buttons provides easy access to controls, and its metal construction lends a true flight feel to your gaming experience. However, X52 is considered relatively expensive, though many users would attest that it's well worth the cost.

    Thrustmaster's T.Flight Stick X boasts of providing flight realism to its users. Its most notable features includes rapid fire triggers that are highly sensitive to your touch, ability to set buttons depending on your specific preferences, intelligent positioning of controls, highly controllable rudder, and a base for high stability which assists maneuvers. You won't have to configure this hardware to the game's software; this is preprogrammed to adapt to many online games or downloadable games such as Flight Simulator X.

    Microsoft's Precision Pro's main marketability point may be its relative affordability and its efficiency. Basically, it works well enough for basic flight sim games. It provides excellent control, sufficient programmable buttons and controls and an ergonomic design. However, some users claim that there are buttons that are a little inaccessible, which may prove to be an inconvenience, especially during intense moments of the game.

  2. Go to shopping websites. For your more efficient comparison shopping, remember to visit shopping websites that help you easily compare different brands and models, especially with regards to their prices. Try out, and
  3. Try out free flight joystick simulators online. There are some websites that offer downloadable joystick simulators. Try your hand at searching through You can search for Windows, Mac or Linux compatible freeware.
  4. Check out users' websites. To assist you in your research, make sure that you check out reviews from amateur and professional users regarding joysticks and other related topics such as other flight simulator hardware, software and accessories. Useful websites you can check out include; and, or even users' blogs such as
  5. Get a demo. Perhaps the best way for you to choose the best joystick is to ask for a demo at the store you're planning to buy your flight sim joystick from. Armed with basic joystick information, at least you have narrowed down your search and you know what brands to choose from and what features to look for.

There you have it! Hopefully these pointers help you find that one joystick to give you the ultimate gaming experience! Happy hunting.


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