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  • How To Make Fake Money: Printable Fake Money

    Making fake money can actually range from making play money for kids to use for their games, as substitute for your monopoly game money, or actually making counterfeit...
  • How To Play Fashion Games

    Many people around the world play fashion games with their friends and family to share their love of everything stylish. Read about two fun fashion games you can play...
  • How To Perform the Danish Elephant Trick

    The Danish Elephant Trick is a guaranteed show stopper. Don't worry if you're not a master magician, you don't have to be.
  • How To Play Animal Rummy

    Animal rummy can be a fun game for all ages, but it’s an especially fun and educational game for children. You will need a piece of paper and a writing utensil.
  • How To Play Mah Jongg

    To play Mah Jongg, you first need to know that there are three different suits for the tiles. They are the circle, bamboo, and character suits.
  • How To Play Bridge

    Bridge is to card games what some might say Chess is to board games. The game has taken on several variations, but has evolved into what is known as Contract Bridge.
  • How To Play Pool Golf

    If you love pool, then you’ll love this variation on the game, called pool golf.
  • How To Play the Homophone Game

    Here are the steps to play the homophone game with your family.
  • How To Avoid Sweepstakes Fraud

    Sweepstakes fraud is not common, however learn how to avoid being duped with these tips.
  • How To Play Cribbage

    The rules of cribbage are simple to learn and it's perfect for a couples game night. You'll need a deck of card, a cribbage board, and two players.
  • How To Play the Stranger Game

    The Stranger Game is a fun, easy way for kids and adults alike to practice on-the-fly creativity and to fill time while waiting in public spaces.
  • How To Play Clothespin Drop

    the Clothespin Drop game is sure to be a hit with any age group. The game can be played competitively or not, and the rules are easy to learn.
  • How To Play Marbles

    Learn how to play marbles, an old-fashioned, classic children's game that has been popular for over one hundred years.
  • Online Folio Scrabble Games

    If you don't have enough people to play a physical game of scrabble, try these tips for playing online scrabble.
  • How To Bet on the Horses

    Betting on a horse race is tricky, but there are ways to improve your chances. Follow this guide and you'll have better luck in no time!
  • How To Perform the Magic Elevator Card Trick

    The first rule of performing your magic elevator card trick is to keep your audience in suspense as to how you did that.
  • How To Play Donkey Cards

    Donkey Cards is an easy-to-learn, fun game for children; if your kids know how to play Go Fish, they can learn to play Donkey Cards!
  • How To Play Axis and Allies

    Axis and Allies is one of the most popular historical tabletop war games in the world. Read an overview of the rules and objectives of Axis and Allies.
  • How To Play Rosemary

    Are the children running in the house? Here is a game they'll love to play outside. Learn the rules for the fun children's game Rosemary.
  • How To Play Blates

    Like most dice games, Blates is simple to learn and easy to play. Learn the rules for the versatile dice game, Blates.
  • How To Play the Broom Game

    The Broom Game is a party favorite. Learn how to play both versions of the Broom Game.
  • How To Play Rumoli

    Rumoli is a combination of the popular card games poker and rummy. Learn how to play the classic card game Rumoli.
  • How To Find Crossword Puzzles for Kids

    Here are some tips on how to seek out crossword puzzles suitable for your children.
  • How To Play Beauty Salon and Dress up Games Online

    You may have always had a secret desire to be a hair stylist or a make up artist or you may just want a fun, relaxing way to de-stress from the pressures of work....
  • How To Play Shuffleboard

    While the rules of shuffleboard are rather simple, playing the game well requires a lot of skill and coordination. Learn the basics of shuffleboard quickly and easily...
  • How To Play Chubby Bunny

    Chubby Bunny remains one of the more disgusting, ridiculous, and entertaining party games imaginable. Learn how to play Chubby Bunny with these simple tips.
  • How To Play Ship, Captain and Crew

    Ship, Captain and Crew is a fun, simple, and aggravating dice game. Learn how to play Ship, Captain, and Crew by following these simple tips
  • How To Play Liar's Dice

    If you like poker, you'll love Liar's Dice. Here's how to play.
  • How To Play Buzzword

    Buzzwords is a fun, fast-paced game to play with a group of friends. Follow these simple tips to learn how to play.
  • How To Play Beyblades

    Think of Beyblades as tops on's how to play and win.
  • How To Play Jelly Bean Hunt

    A jelly bean hunt is a great way to get the kids outside and makes a fun party game, too. Here's how to organize a jelly bean hunt that everyone will enjoy.
  • How To Play Risk

    Risk is a fun and strategic board game where winning means world domination. Here's how to play.
  • How To Play Trivial Pursuit

    Are you smarter than your friends, but can never find the right way to prove it? It may be time to whip out Trivial Pursuit and put your money where your mouth is.
  • How To Find Free Arcade Games on the Internet

    Although arcade games are not as popular today, here's how to relive those good memories through the free arcade games on the Internet.
  • How To Download Free Slots Games

    There are so many slots games available on the Internet nowadays. If you’d like to play online slots, then here are three of the best places to look.
  • How a Pool Table Differs from a Billiards Table

    A billiards table is designed for pool games like eight-ball, nine-ball, and straight pool, one pocket and paper pool, and a snooker table is especially designed for...
  • How To Make a Prize Iceberg

    Making an iceberg full of prices is a fun idea for a summer party. The children will love this. It's a cool game, literally.
  • How To Play Cube-Sack

    Everyone, especially those that get bored with their job, will enjoy Cube Sack. This can actually be played by using nerf objects like a football or basketball.
  • How To Play Table Skittles

    Table skittles requires a few instructions, a basic understanding of how to score, and some wrist and hand dexterity. The more you play, the better you get.
  • How To Play Four Square

    As simple to learn as it is fun to play, four squares is a game that can keep children entertained for hours with little to no effort.
  • How To Play Kalah

    Kalah is said to have been played by rulers as far back as the early days of the Egyptian empire, and it remains a fun and challenging adventure to this day.
  • How To Play Chinese Jump Rope

    Recess will always be filled with kids playing the old favorites like jump rope, hopscotch and tag. Another old favorite that many have forgotten is Chinese jump rope.
  • How To Play Tug-of-War

    The game of tug-of-war is a competitive one, whose object is to test the strength of each playing team. The set up of the game and rules to play tug-of-war are quite...
  • How To Play Scattergories

    Scattergories is a fantastic game to pull out when you hit a lull in a party, or if you're looking to liven up the crowd at a get together. The rules are simple and...
  • How To Play Parcheesi

    The game of Parcheesi, which originated in India, is very simple. It's a race between two to four players that move their pieces around the board, and then finish in...
  • How To Play Pictionary

    Have you played the wonderful party game known as Pictionary that tests your wit, communication, and artistic skills? This game requires at least two teams of three.
  • How To Play Beer Pong

    Many websites claim to have the “official rules” for beer pong, but the rules tend to vary from party to party. For this article, I will explain the rules I played...
  • How To Play Othello

    Learn how to play the board game Othello.
  • How To Play Pick Up Sticks

    Learn how to play the children's game, pick-up sticks.
  • How To Play Tetherball

    Learn to play the popular schoolyard game, Tetherball.