How To Cheat at Dice Rolling

There are lots of different techniques for rolling dice, but technique can only take you so far. If you want to ensure you will roll well every time, you may be interested in learning how to cheat at dice rolling.

One of the most basic ways to cheat at dice rolling is to "load" the dice. This means inserting weights into the dice so that it is more likely to land with that side facing down. You can only weight the dice on one side, so you should decide what number would be most beneficial to you.

Whichever number you have decided on, look on the opposite side of the die. This is the side you will need to weight. You will have to drill into and deposit the weight on the side opposite of the number you selected.

To do this, secure your die in a vice. Place the side you will be drilling face up. Do not hold the dice with your hand, as it will be neither secure nor safe. Holding the dice with your hand as you attempt to drill can lead to personal injury.

The drill bit you use should be no larger in diameter than the dots on your dice. You will use the drill bit to drill holes into the dots. Drill straight down to avoid cracking your dice. The hole does not need to be very deep.

Now you will need to prepare the material to weight your dice. Make sure you have a safe area to work in, preferably outside, because you will be working with open flame and hot materials. Make sure to wear goggles and heat resistant gloves.

Set up your work area by placing two bricks side by side. Place an aluminum can between the bricks. Standing over the bricks, drop several lead fishing weights into the can. You can hammer the weights out flat before placing them into the can.

Using a propane torch, heat the bottom of the can until the lead has melted. Do not inhale any fumes during this process. Use a pair of pliers to convert a spoon into a small funnel, and then scoop up the lead to fill the holes in the dice. Do not overfill, and don't touch the molten metal.

After two hours, the lead will be dry, and you may use a paintbrush to cover the lead with black paint. You are now ready to cheat at dice rolling.


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