How To Take Good Photos of Children

Taking good pictures of children does not require one to have a fancy camera. It requires a photographer to see the picture in his mind before taking it. This means that a photographer must be full of ideas about how he wants the pictures to look. Lots of money can be spent finding a good camera, but a good camera is not enough - the real secret is in the photographer. These simple suggestions about children and photography will show you how to achieve good results.

  1. Find your picture. Surrounding us are lots of good subjects waiting to be captured exactly as they are. Spontaneous pictures are the best and can be found through children. Kids won't mind you taking their picture because they are busy playing. In fact, a lot of children like their pictures being taken as they are used to it by their parents.
  2. Notice interesting pictures around you. Scenic pictures, sunrises and sunsets, trees and streams, plants and animals, tall and short buildings would give interesting pictures at the right angle; add a child to the picture and you're guaranteed a good shot.
  3. See the picture. Before taking the picture, see the subject as it will appear on final print. Put the camera to your eye; if your subject is not inspiring, look for a different angle then shoot. Always keep your camera ready to shoot.
  4. Allow your subject to relax. If your subjects are kids, learn to make them comfortable and relaxed. They will respond favorably.
  5. Photograph the ordinary. Pictures of everyday living create meaningful memories more than pictures with forced poses as your subjects smile for the camera.
  6. Capture the action. If your camera has a feature for taking many photos in fast succession, or rapid fire, use it. This is good for children as they move quickly.
  7. Get down on their level. Children's photography has always been the subject of discussions in workshops for budding photographers. To get realistic proportions of children, you have to crouch down because when you stand, their bodies look distorted. When you get below them or underneath, children look big and important; from behind or from the side, a fresh look could be taken.
  8. Fill the photo frame. Cleaning the background by zooming your lens will thereby eliminate the visual clutter. To keep the subject in focus, make the child's face your focal point. But if the child is looking at the camera, focus more on his eyes.

With affordable and user friendly cameras, children's photography could become a very interesting hobby. Children are good subjects because they don't care how they will look like on print. They are only concerned about their comfort, especially when they are used to the clicking of cameras in front of them. They look natural in their photographs.

Taking photographs to chronicle your family's events could be a good start. Children's birthdays, first communion, recitals and receiving awards are events that should always be remembered. Photographing children has always been popular. It is an art that one must learn because good photographs are worth saving.


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