How To Take Fun Photos of Children: Children's Photography Tips

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Children playing

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you are taking photographs of children, it is worth a million laughs and memories too. Children are always good subjects for photography, save for the occasional difficulty in teaching poses or some tantrum bouts, the results are equally entertaining.

Its good to have techniques or a trick or two up your sleeves for children and photography because every parent wants to photograph almost every action in their kid's life, so when you pull out the camera, some fun poses and props will definitely help.

  1. Put them in costumes. Animal costumes such as bees, rabbit or kittens are just some of the cute costumes that you can let the kids wear. Or as in school plays, they can be Little Miss Carrot, or Little Mr. Onion, or whatever vegetable costumes you may have.
  2. Close-up shots. These shots that show their reactions to a joke or being surprised are priceless. Make sure you have a good camera that can capture these reactions fast.
  3. You can use black and white photography. For classic, heart-warming shots like a kid sleeping or a classic smile, you can switch your camera to black and white for a more dramatic effect.
  4. Add some friendly animals. A cute child with a little puppy creates a very happy photograph.
  5. Explore outdoors. When a child is outdoors, you can take any picture and it will look amazing because it will be either a child having fun playing, or a portrait shot with a great background of nature.
  6. Candid shots with their favorite toy is always fun. You can easily capture a giggle or two during the shoot. Some popular shots are kids placed in a basket, bucket or even a cargo box. Being in a new ‘environment', your child will be amazed, or a bit nervous. Either way, you're getting candid shots and you're sure they won't be running all over the place.

Practice your techniques so that you get better and better at the craft. You may even want to pick up some tips from a local photographer or class.

Make sure you have plenty of memory card space in your reliable digicam. Also, bring with you your own items such as toys to make sure they are entertained during the photo shoot. Get a feel of your surroundings so that your child won't go to tantrums because of extremely cold or extremely hot temperature. If you are taking photos of multiple children in one set, ensure that there are enough adults to look after the safety of the kids as it might get a little crazy.

Now you're prepared to have that photo album full of interesting and unique photos that you will cherish forever.


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