Clean Smoke: How to Clean a Vape Properly

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A vape, like any other piece of machinery, is only likely to last as long as you take care of it.

This means storing it in a dry place between uses, changing out batteries on a regular basis, and never pushing it too hard. Most of all, it means knowing how to clean a vape, regularly and safely, so that it never clogs up or jams.

Join us today as we break down how to clean and maintain one of the most popular gadgets out there for best results.

How To Clean Vape Coils

There comes a time in the lifespan of every vape when you'll need to replace your coil. Actually, there'll come quite a few times, as this component expires with repeat use.

Your coil is crucial to the flavor of your smoke, which means the more often you vape, the more regularly you'll need to change it out. Unfortunately, once it's reached this level, there's not much cleaning will do to get it back into fighting shape. For the most part, you'll just have to change out your coil - Googling "how to clean vape coil" isn't going to do much good.

Running water or liquids through an electrical component that gets hot isn't always the hottest idea. If you need to push forward with the "how to clean vape coils" approach, there are some steps you can try:

  • Soak your coil in ethanol or vinegar for at least a few hours.
  • Rinse it off with tap water, then with distilled water.
  • Dry the coil's open side with blown air to force water out of the wicking holes.
  • Air dry until all of the water has completely evaporated.

This process will take some time, and there's a good chance you'll notice the wicks looking "refreshed" once it's done. But don't rely on it; you are going to need to change out your coil heads soon, regardless.

How To Clean a Vape Tank

Every vape device features a reservoir or tank that holds the e-liquid you'll be vaporizing in order to smoke. Combined with the atomizer, this is a central component in the overall function of your vape device.

You'll want to keep this clean for a few different reasons. First of all, dirty or clogged tanks will dilute or muddled up new flavors, spoiling the experience. You buy a new bottle from MistHub, and still taste the heavy mint of your last smoke, so what's the point?

Secondly, it's just hygienic. Anything wet that sits in an enclosed structure for long periods of time under different levels of heat can't be great for you. 

In most cases, simply rinsing out your unit will be enough. Fill a bowl with warm water and wash out your disassembled tank components, as you would a bowl in a sink. Wash out your tank until there's no fluid remaining and, in case of stubborn residues, you can even use a small amount of dish soap and a sponge.

This, for the most part, is a perfectly reasonable answer to the question of how to clean your vape tank. But, from time to time, you'll need to do a bit more thorough of a job.

For a deeper clean, use the following steps to flush your vape tank out with alcohol:

  • Detach and disassemble your tank, disposing of any remaining e-liquid. 
  • Using simple high-proof, unflavored vodka as a solvent, dampen a paper towel and scrub until your tank is completely clean.
  • Wipe the unit one last time, before rinsing with warm water.
  • Air dry for roughly 15 minutes before reassembling and reattaching your tank to your device.

Your Vape Deserves The Best

Ultimately, the more you can do to keep your vape clean, the better it's likely to perform. And the better it performs, the better your smoke is likely to be.

With today's handy rundown of tips on how to clean a vape, you'll have what you need to take better care of your vape in the future. For more on this and dozens of other great home appliance tips, check out some of our other blog content today!


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