How To Collect Civil War Rifles

There are probably many ways to go about procuring Civil War rifles, but you are about to learn the correct way to go about it.  Why is this important?  When dealing with antiques, you must always be on your guard for fakes that are passed as authentic.  Titles of ownership are necessary to ensure that the item in question has followed a legal pathway to your hands.  When done correctly, collecting Civil War Rifles can be a hobby that turns into a lifelong passion.

The importance of doing background research cannot be underestimated.  Whether it is online or in actual libraries, do the homework to insure that you know all specifications for what you are looking for.  Historical societies and archives are excellent resources for this.  Prices can also be researched online and in some libraries as well.  The yellow pages is a good reference for local resources and small dealers.  Like with any major purchase, seek out several different sources for pricing on an identical object.  This will give you a good core sampling of the market value for the item you are looking to purchase.

Search for reputable Civil War arms dealers with references to back up their claims.  The Better Business Bureau is a good resource to check when looking for background on a particular business.  Referrals from friends and business associates are another way to establish contact with trusted dealers.

When it comes time to making your Civil War rifle purchase, don't let passion cloud your judgment.  Budget your money, and stick to the plan because nothing ruins an exciting purchase like buyer's remorse.  Remember, this is an antique, which means there will always be another one on another day.  Patience is the watchword.

Don't be afraid to make an offer on the Civil War rifle of your dreams.  Dealers will not be offended, as they expect to haggle with prospective buyers.  Be prepared, though, to walk away if the final price is too high for your budget.  Always leave a business card with the dealers so that they can contact you if they have second thoughts about your offer.  If they are motivated to move it, you will get that call.

With the purchase of your Civil War rifle, insist on documents that illustrate the titles of ownership and proof of authenticity.  These are crucial when dealing with antiques to insure you get a genuine antique that can be legally sold.

Have fun collecting!


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