How To Collect Whiskey Decanters

A decanter is a decorative bottle used to serve wines and liquers. The standard material used for whiskey decanters is glass but there are also some variants that are made with other materials. Decanters can hold three-fourths of a liter. Decanters can come with or without stoppers.

A lot of whiskey enthusiasts collect whiskey decanters. Whiskey decanters can come in different shapes and sizes. They can also be expensive. If you are a whiskey decanter collector, you can visit some websites that will help you add more decanters to your collection.

Here are some of the websites where you can purchase more decanters for your whiskey decanter collection:

  1. – This website features a lot of ceramic decanters of different designs. This is the website of the largest Jim Beam Collecting Club. If you are a collector of alcoholic decanters, this is a good website for you to visit. You can visit the online store to see the available products that you can purchase. You can also read different information, such as frequently asked questions and tips for the ceramic decanters and price guides. You can look and post on the message board to interact with other collectors like you.
  2. – This website is especially dedicated to people who collect decanters for wine, whiskey and for other types of liquor. There are useful links you can find on the website such as a list of links to the websites of different bottle collector clubs. Be sure to check the links section for new additions. The store also allows you to see a lot of decanters that you can purchase for a reasonable price.
  3. – Deal Time is a website where you can purchase a lot of things. If you do a search for whiskey decanters, you will be presented with a lot of results. Some of them may have pictures. Most of the whiskey decanters that are available on the  website are made of glass. Some of them are sold under $50.00 and some of them reach up to $500.00 in price.
  4. – This website is dedicated to whisky products. You can also find a lot of decanters on the website. Some of the items that you can find on this website are glasses and decanters, flasks, books about whiskey, whiskey jugs, gift items and various kinds of whiskey. Any whiskey or decanter collector will have a great time browsing the items on this website.

These are some of the websites you can visit if you are collecting whisky decanters. It is good to visit these websites every now and then so that you can see if there are new additions to their collection. A lot of people are whiskey decanter collectors so it will be great if you find a rare decanter that is rare. This way, your collection will have more value.


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