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  • How To Round Braid Leather

    Whether it is a twine, leather, or a rope, you can always do a round braid no matter how many strands you have as long as it has an even number and the material you...
  • How To Rough Cut a Gem Stone

    There is an enormous variety of gems and being so, there is also a variety of ways on how to cut them. Gems can be purchased from dealers or can even be found on the...
  • How To Put a Quilt on a Quilting Frame

    Quilting takes patience, and putting a quilt on a quilting frame takes extra patience and care. You wouldn’t want to ruin your layers of fabric.Here’s how you can...
  • How To Remove Sellotape

    Sellotape is a strong adhesive and it can leave marks on items when you remove the tape. Here's how to remove the unsightly marks it leaves.
  • How To Recycle Broken China and Ceramic Pottery

    Broken china and ceramic pottery can offer you all sorts of decorative and other possibilities when you take time to recycle ceramic bits.
  • How To Remove the Crown from a Quartz Watch

    Most of the more advanced quartz watch repairs require taking off as much parts as needed. Most of the time, the crown is needed to be taken off from the watch. The...
  • How To Remove Fingerprints from Woodwork

    Fingerprints all over your woodwork or wood furniture can make the wood look dingy, but you can remove fingerprints easily.
  • How To Remove a Candle From a Mold

    Do you want to make your own candles? Well, you should go on. Aside from being fun and enjoyable, it is also an inexpensive endeavor. You can eventually make some...
  • How To Refine Silver Scrap

    Are you running a pawnshop? Do you own a thrift store? Do you collect some jewelry pieces, either for business or hobby? If that is the case, then, you probably have a...
  • How To Refine Gold

    Refining gold is something that you can easily do. But you have to take into account a number of things. You should put everything together before you start the...
  • How To Recycle Old Jars and Glasses to Make Mosaic Candle Holders

    A great way to support the recycling movement and at the same time have an affordable and unique gift to your friends is by making recycled candle holders made from...
  • How To Print Vinyl Stickers

    Gone are days when you had to be content with pre-manufactured vinyl stickers. Now you can print your own vinyl stickers using vinyl sticker sheets.
  • How To Recycle Chopsticks

    If you frequent Chinese restaurants, then you might probably have a chopsticks collection already. Most chopsticks are disposable but you can reuse them in various...
  • How To Make Personalized T-Shirts as Homemade Gifts

    Personalized t-shirts are surprisingly easy to make and customize for excellent homemade gifts that the receiver can wear with pride.
  • How To Put Thread on a Sewing Bobbin

    Every homemaker has the task of sewing something at one point or another. Whether it’s a torn pair of jeans, a pillowcase that has been ripped or even a bag that has...
  • How To Put Quilt Blocks Together

    Making quilt blocks is as enjoyable as it is fulfilling. Just imagine making all those pieces with your own creativity. Once done, the only thing left for you to do is...
  • How To Make Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels

    Making fast pinewood derby wheels can be tricky. However, if you can work well on the axles and the wheels, you are in with a good chance!
  • How To Make Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

    Plastic canvas is a versatile material to use to make miniature furniture for your kids’ dolls. Follow these steps to get started.
  • How To Measure Fabric for Upholstery

    Here are easy instructions on how to measure any couch or chair for new upholstery. If you are a handy at sewing you could save hundreds of dollars!
  • How To Create a Tree Sculpture with Wire

    A bit of wire and creativity can turn into a marvelous tree sculpture for home use or decoration.
  • How To Prepare Metals for Painting

    Painting metals is somewhat more complicated than painting other materials, but a few painting tips will get you squared away.
  • How To Wire Crochet

    With a bit of wire and these wire crochet basics, you can create lovely and useful wire crafts.
  • How To Make Things Out of Wood

    To most people, there can be nothing more satisfying than to construct or carve something out of a piece of wood. This is because a lot of hard work can go into a...
  • How To Make Gak at Home

    Keep the kids entertained and engaged in creative play by making your own inexpensive Gak at home.
  • How To Dye your Clothing

    You can custom dye your clothing for little expense with these clothes dyeing tips and options.
  • How To Open & Form the Clay on the Potter's Wheel

    Pottery is a satisfying and useful hobby. The following tips are focused on the use of the potter’s wheel for beginning to open and shape the clay.
  • How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments from Wedding Cards

    You can make a wedding scrapbook by using the wedding cards you received. Here's how to make scrapbook embellishments from wedding cards.
  • How To Make Scented Oils for Burning

    If you are passionate about aromatherapeutic scents but have financial constraints, why not just make your own oils for burning?
  • How To Make Drawstring Bags

    Drawstring bags are great projects for kids as they are easily made and not hard to teach. They have a multitude of uses.
  • How To Make Doorknob Hangers

    Doorknob hangers can be used as decorations for upcoming festivities like Christmas and Halloween or to leave a message like do not disturb.
  • How To Monogram Linen Napkins

    Monogramming linen napkins is one way of customizing them. It will show the uniqueness of the napkins and there is no similar design anywhere else. You can monogram...
  • How To Make Homemade Markers

    Markers are useful for a wide variety of purposes. You can use them to label various items around the house, and you can use them for art projects. The problem with...
  • How To Make Seed Bead Patterns

    Do you want to create designs with seed beads? Find instructions and materials to become a beading expert. Here’s how to make seed bead patterns.
  • How To Make Sachet Bags

    Do you want a small sack or bag for gifts or potpourri? Find tips for sewing and decorating linen into sachets. Here’s how to make sachet bags.
  • How To Measure to Make a Lid for a Porcelain Teapot

    Do you love making pottery? Find tips for measuring lids with calipers for perfect fit. Here’s how to measure to make a lid for a porcelain teapot.
  • How To Mix Grout for Mosaic Projects

    When looking at a mosaic, you are amazed at the sheer artistry and complexity. Mosaics are beautiful composites of “brokenness” as they say, which is why many have...
  • How To Mix Airbrush Paint

    Using an airbrush for painting is great because not only is it easier to use, it also give a more even layer and finish. You can easily see the difference of painting...
  • How To Make Plaster of Paris Molds

    The name ‘Plaster of Paris’ is derived from the term “gypsum” which is a mineral found in a district in Paris named Montmartre. It is a powdered substance,...
  • How To Make Rolled Hems on Doll Clothes

    Doll clothes need a lot of detail work to turn out well, and rolled hems add a nice touch without as much difficulty.
  • How To Make Your First Needlepoint Stitch

    Needlework is an excellent and useful past time and hobby. Not only do you have the change to create something very beautiful and elegant, but you can also use it to...
  • How To Make Quilt Labels

    Quilt labels are easy to make and the perfect way to finis off your quilted creation with a personal message or the quilter's mark.
  • How To Make Polymer Clay Doll Parts

    You can create your own dolls or replace doll parts that are lost or broken by making polymer clay doll parts.
  • How To Make Paper Clay

    Paper clay is easy to make yourself and easier to work with than regular clay.
  • How To Make Wood Wick Candles

    If you enjoy sitting by a cozy fireplace during cold days, you will definitely love using wood wick candles. This kind of candle uses treated wood instead of the...
  • How To Make Dollhouse Furniture Out of Cardboard

    The most imaginative of people have rooted their creativity through ingenious and innovative ways. Most often than not, we fall victim to the market and avail of...
  • How To Make Things Out of Metal Tins & Boxes

    Do you have metal tins lying around? Don't throw them away--use these tips to reuse them. Here's how to make things out of metal tins & boxes.
  • How To Make the Greek Comedy and Tragedy Masks

    Are you a theater buff? Make the drama masks as a decor piece for your home. Here's how to make the Greek comedy and tragedy masks.
  • How To Make Your Own Hot Process Soap Molds

    Follow these steps to make effective soap molds for making hot process soaps.
  • How To Make Paper Tech Deck Ramps

    Do your kids use finger skateboards? Give them tips for making ramps for their skateboards. Here's how to make paper tech deck ramps.
  • How To Make Nesting Dolls

    Remember nesting dolls from your childhood? Learn how to make a set of your own. Here's how to make nesting dolls.