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  • How To Make a Wax Mask

    Making your own wax mask is a fun and exciting activity. It may take a while to do it but you will surely beam with pride over the finished product.
  • How To Make Dining Tables

    A DIY dining table may not be an heirloom piece, but it is definitely one of the most fun pieces to have and put together.
  • How To Make a Table Lantern

    With one basic structure, you can prepare your table lantern for just about any occasion imaginable!
  • How To Make a Sock Baby

    A little of creativity and some materials and you can turn your ugly old sock into a cute sock baby.
  • How To Make a Shamrock Key Chain

    There are ways on how to utilize the shamrock the whole year round and not just during Irish holidays. One of these ways is by using it in a key chain.
  • How To Make Decoupage Paper

    If you are interested in this classic form of art, you can make your own decoupage paper by following the simple steps below.
  • How To Make a Tie Dyed Skirt

    A tie dyed skirt is a very quirky addition to any wardrobe. It has a distinct look and would never be lost in the shuffle.
  • How To Make Mosaic Tiles

    Any arts and crafts buff will tell you that mosaic tiles are a great, easy way to decorate anything. Romans are often credited for popularizing mosaic art.
  • How To Buy a Flour Canister

    There are a lot of different flour canister choices being sold in the market and below are some brands that showcase different features.
  • How To Make a Remote Control Caddy

    Be his angel this year and learn how to make a remote control caddy for your spouse or father. Just follow these few easy steps.
  • How To Make Homemade Floating Candles

    In most instances, water and fire are two things which do not mix. Floating candles, however, are an exception to the rule.
  • How To Make an Amish Quilt

    An Amish quilt is easy to make since it uses only block patterns. You may make one for yourself if you want to. Here are the steps on how to make an Amish quilt.
  • How To Make a PVC Walking Stick

    Bring your PVC walking sticks with you every time you go outdoors. Just follow the procedures written here and you can make your own in a matter of hours!
  • How To Make Drink Coasters from Your Child's Artwork

    Another way of restoring and preserving your children’s works of art is to turn those masterpieces into coasters that you can conveniently use at home.
  • How To Make Fabric Canning Jar Covers

    These canning jar covers are quite easy to make if you are handy with needle and thread. You can even make some using fabric glue and/or the old reliable glue stick.
  • How To Build a Triangle Shaped Loft Bed

    A triangle shaped loft bed has an elevated platform frame that holds a mattress, and this frame is supported by (4) corner posts with an attached ladder to access the...
  • How To Build a Chandelier

    To build a chandelier one must first decide upon a chandelier design.
  • How To Make an Essential Oil Distiller

    With this improvised essential oil distiller, you can now capture essential oils from plants even when you are at home.
  • How To Make a Wooden Snake Toy

    One of the most popular wooden toys is the wooden toy snake. Even if this snake is made of wood, it will move as fluidly as a snake does.
  • How To Arrange Poses for Group Photographs

    It may be challenging to get the proper composition to take good group photographs, but there are some steps that can help you polish your technique.
  • How To Attach Bookshelf Trim

    Attaching a trim to your bookshelf not only makes the frame of the shelf stronger; but it also hides the other wood edges used in building it.
  • How To Make a Birthday Party Goodie Bag

    For the moms and dads out there who would like to know a cool way of creating your own birthday party goodie bag, read up!
  • How To Make Acid-Free Paper

    Acid-free paper is the type of paper that has a pH value of 7. This type of paper is typically used for documents that have to be preserved for years.
  • How To Make a Scout Patch

    One of the markers that will determine how well a scout is performing is the scout patch. Here are the steps to making your own scout patch.
  • How To Make a Saqqara Pyramid

    Although architecturally easier to create, the Saqqara pyramid steps have a charm and grandeur all their own.
  • How To Make a Wooden Train Whistle

    It takes only a few hours to create a wooden train whistle. Here are the steps that you can follow to make this toy.
  • How To Make a Wood Picture Frame

    Here are the simple steps on how you can make your own wood picture frame.
  • How To Make a Rope-Wrapped Flowerpot

    One of the basic items that you should try out is a rope-wrapped flowerpot that you can use to accentuate the dining table, living room, or your own bedroom.
  • How To Apply Blanket Binding

    To avoid fraying, try blanket binding for your baby blankies, quilts, and comforters. It’s a really cute way of primping up your home bedding while lengthening its...
  • How To Make a Seashell Paperweight

    If you want to bring the coast line into your own home, one of the best ways to do this is through a seashell paperweight. Here are the steps to creating your own.
  • How To Make a Sea Glass Wreath

    Making a sea glass wreath is one of the easy ways of decorating your house. Here are the steps for you to create your own.
  • How To Make a Scrapbook Cover

    To make a sturdy and beautiful scrapbook, you need to start off with a scrapbook cover.
  • How To Make a Sawhorse Desk

    The sawhorse desk is not only very cheap, but also very easy to create. Here are the steps you should follow.
  • How To Make a Rubber Glove Balloon

    One of the variants of the simple round balloon is the rubber glove balloon. Here are the steps to creating your own rubber glove balloon.
  • How To Make a Round Shield

    Here are the steps to making your own round shield. The edges of the shield can also be reinforced with steel to make it an offensive weapon as well.
  • How To Make a Rosebud Wreath

    The holidays are fast approaching, and one of the best ways for you to decorate your home is through a rosebud wreath.
  • How To Make a Mini Train Village

    If you are creative enough, you may actually build your own scene for your train display. Some good scenes are city scenes, mountain scenes, and village scenes.
  • How To Make a Loud Electric Buzzer

    People who are more inventive choose to create their own version of the loud electric buzzer. This is actually ok because making an electric buzzer costs very little...
  • How To Make a Love Potion

    Love potions have the power to make a person fall in love with whomever gave it to them. It needs to be drunk at the right time with the right chant to make the power...
  • How To Make Doll House Accessories

    If your child is hankering for doll house accessories, make your own using resources that are available right at home.
  • How To Make Cardboard Tiki Torches

    No luau party is complete without setting the ambience and this includes tiki torches. Make tiki torches using simple materials you can get from the store.
  • How To Make Barbie Patterns

    Here are the steps to making your own Barbie patterns that will allow you to sew your own Barbie clothes.
  • How To Make a Mini Solar Car

    A mini solar car is a tiny car that has a motor working when under the sunlight or bright artificial light. It is moderately easy to assemble a mini solar car of your...
  • How To Make a Luxury Bed

    You may make your own version of a five-star luxury hotel bed if you want to. Making a bed as luxurious as this may be really expensive, but it is really worth your...
  • How To Make a Rugby Shirt

    Finding a shirt for your team may be difficult, especially if you are rooting for a local team. Here are the steps to creating your own rugby shirt.
  • How To Make Earrings Out of Buttons

    You can actually make pairs of earring out of buttons. Yup, any kind of button will do. Just think out of the box and follow these step-by-step instructions.
  • How To Make a Lucky Rabbit's Foot

    A rabbit's foot is believed to be lucky. In some cultures, people carry the rabbit’s foot as an amulet. This is popular in Europe, China, Africa, North America and...
  • How To Make Daisy Centerpieces

    For a picnic in the park or to add simple but beautiful accents for a family dinner together for the holidays, daisy centerpieces are a good choice.
  • How To Attach Drawer Slides

    Depending on the quality of your drawer slides or due to improper installation and mishandling, often times your drawer slides may tend to misalign themselves.
  • How To Make Earthenware Pottery

    Earthenware pottery is a project that anyone would gladly get his or her hands dirty for. It’s messy, sexy, and exciting.